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Moving to any big city can be a jarring experience, but when you add in all of the unique quirks that come with Toronto life, a lot of people may be unprepared. It's good to have a quick list on hand of what you can expect to have to deal with when coming to this city. So here it is.

Being Helpless Without The TTC

In many cities, you can get around by walking, biking, or driving places. Toronto is not one of those cities. Unless everywhere you go is within your own neighbourhood (and even then sometimes...), you're going to rely heavily on the TTC to get around. This means you have to accept the delays.  It also means you have to figure out a way around the subway closing at 1am every night.

Toronto slang

"What're you saying?" people will ask you on Friday night. "True," they'll say when you tell them something they didn't know. It gets mad confusing sometimes, and if you don't just accept it as a part of your life, you're going to be very frustrated a lot of the time.

Hearing People Talk About Drake

Everyone in this city has a serious opinion about Drake, and you'll find yourself in the middle of very real arguments about whether or not he sucks, which of his albums is best, and even when he'll be coming back to the city. People here have way too much Drizzy pride.

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Constantly Hearing About Neighbourhoods You've Never Heard Of

"Where the fuck is Bloordale Village?" is something you may find yourself saying in the near future, because for some reason, Toronto is made up of roughly 5 million different neighbourhoods. Even people who've lived here their whole lives will come across an area of the city that they didn't know was a thing. And Toronto's only getting bigger, so this is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

Running To The Beer Store As Soon As You Get Off Work

Really, it's best to just have a constant supply of beer in your fridge, because you never know if you're going to get caught out without alcohol at 10:30. It's not even that Beer Stores and LCBOs close all that early. Some of them close at 10. It's that the ones that do stay open that late are few and far between, and often at inaccessible locations. Grabbing booze can be a nightmare.

Seriously Scheduling Your Life

You will never plan your life harder than the people of Toronto. Here, grabbing lunch with a friend is something that needs to be planned at least a week in advance, otherwise it'll completely fall through. Just try to have a spontaneous hangout. Go ahead. You know it won't work.

Cabbing All The Time

Winter is rough in Toronto, and the city is sprawling. There will be many a day when you're walking towards the bus or streetcar stop, and then suddenly decide, "fuck it, I'll take a cab." Who wants to wait around in the cold for 20 minutes to stand in a crowded streetcar when you can sit comfortably in the backseat of a car and have someone take you straight home? Too bad it's so damn expensive.

Power outages

Honestly, it feels like Toronto's power lines are made of spaghetti or something, given the amount of blackouts we have. They've happened when it's been too hot, too cold, and too windy. Pretty soon we're going to have a power outage caused by a big rainstorm.

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Getting Your House Party On

Bars in Toronto close at 2:30, and last call is at 2:00am. Because of this, Torontonians have to rely heavily on house parties to keep the good times rollin' on Saturday night. If you're not a big house party person, you're gonna have to get over it, or spend a lot of time at home alone.

Brunch Is A Religion

Torontonians take brunch more seriously than anyone else in the world. Living here, you're going to get invited to brunch at least 3 times a week. And the temptation to say yes each time will be really hard to resist, because there's a ton of places that make delicious breakfast foods until well into the afternoon scattered all over the city.

Seeing Moose Everywhere

The Moose in the City project started in the year 2000, and there are now over 300 fake moose scattered all over the city, with different designs painted all over them. Some of them are pretty cool looking, but if you weren't prepared for it you might be a little bit confused.

Eating A Lot Of Chinese Food

Toronto's Chinatown is dope, and Chinese food is a staple of Torontonians' diet. If you thought you didn't like Chinese food before, it's only because you haven't had it Toronto style. Everyone you know will want to grab food on Spadina, so you'll have to accept that this is just going to be a huge part of your life now.

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