Good wealth related books are very rare and important because some of the ones written out there can be full of crap. The honest reads provide you powerful financial advice, but they also teach how to become successful and underline the significance of setting and achieving goals. There are several books out there that may teach you tricks but only some of them will actually help you make a difference in your bank account.

These books are worth reading because they include a balance between philosophies, experiments, personal encounters and strategies that will help you become rich. Having financial problems and are feeling hopeless? How about you invest your time wisely and order one of these 13 amazing books you can read that are guaranteed to make you rich:

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1. Focal Point // Brian Tracy

Tracy's master piece will help you become rich because it teaches you how to focus on completing a singular task before moving on to the next one. You'll polish off your time management and organizational skills, two very important keys to success that are necessary to achieve goals and become rich.

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2. Think and Grow Rich // Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a classic motivational book that was written by Hill in 1937. It will inspire you to become successful in any aspect of life because it teaches you to believe and aspire. People can be and do anything they imagine, therefore it's important to understand 13 steps Hill provides in his work, one of which is to  "know very clearly where you want to go."

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3. The Millionaire Next Door // Thomas J.Stanley, William D. Dank.

Thorough research is completed by two authors on profiles of America's "millionaires"  to compare the behavior between the rich and poor and establish how particular individuals become wealthy. This book will teach you about the importance of smart spending, taking risks, lifestyle choices and other factors which may affect your financial success in a positive or negative way.

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4. How Rich People Think // Steve Siebold

Siebold lists a variety of beliefs and strategies used by the rich that will help you score a mil in your bank account. The book is made of 100 chapters, each being divided into 2 pages, making it an easy read to consume in small portions. Siebold uses interesting philosophies to remind his readers wealth is a virtue. For example, the middle class works with money using emotion, while the world class uses logic: "Most people never accumulate much money due to a series of self-limiting beliefs … fueled by negative emotion.”

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5. The Richest Man In Babylon // George Samuel Clason

Using a series of moral stories rooted from Babylon, Clason provides money making feedback to his readers. The characters undergo situations and simple life lessons that will help you gain financial wisdom. The book lists "laws of gold", the meaning behind luck, "seven purse cures"  and a variety of other powerful beliefs that will help you become rich.

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6. You're So Money: Even When You're Not // Farnoosh Torabi

Torabi provides advice to the middle class by discussing the keys to saving money. This book is especially a good read for young adults because it has a fun sense of humour to it and brings forth useful information that teaches keys to financial success that will benefit everyone from a young age.

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7. Screw it, Let's Do It: Lessons In Life // Richard Branson.

Learn how to become rich from Branson's personal experiences. Through a list of guidelines and secrets to success, the billionaire provide a thorough understanding of the money world. This book will inspire you to achieve personal goals, strengthen your drive and understand that every human beings actions have the ability to affect the universe.

Other reads to consider:

8. The Science of Getting Rich //Wallace D. Wattles.

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9. Rich Dad, Poor Dad // Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter.

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10. The Millionaire Fast Lane // MJ DeMarco

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11. The 50th Law // Robert Greene, Curtis Jackson( 50 cent)

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12. How to Get Out of Debt,Stay Out of Debt & Live Prosperously // Jerrold Mundis

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13. Market Wizards // Jack D. Schwager.

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What are you doing to become rich? 

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