Okay, so that's a lie - the following statements are actually so cheesy that they probably won't work on anyone, including UW students.

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But if you go to UW or know someone who does, you'll at least get a laugh out of these 13 Waterloo-themed pick up lines:

1. Hey gurl, I'll show you my DC if you show me your V1.

2. Hey boy, if you were an iClicker, I'd always choose the D.

3. Hey gurl, can you be the backpack to my two-piece co-op suit?

4. Hey boy, you go to Waterloo? 'Cause I'm super thirsty.

5. Hey gurl, I would step in front of a speeding car on Ring Road for you.

6. Hey boy, I get lost in your eyes more than I do in the PAS.

7. Hey gurl, do you play LoL? Cause I'd like you to come back to my base and check out my Needlessly Large Rod.

8. Hey boy, I could love you more than AFM kids love themselves.

9. Hey gurl, are you a goose? 'Cause you're all I ever see. (*Is actually a goose*)

10. Hey boy, you could Eduroam my pants any day.

11. Hey gurl, you're cuter than the Christmas tree on top of DP in the winter time.

12. Hey boy, are you taking ECON 101? 'Cause you're a hot commodity.

13. Desire2Learn? More like Desire2Love.

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