13 Reasons Why has become a worldwide sensation overnight, receiving an astonishing amount of attention from Netflix users in the form of both praise and criticism. While many viewers think that the show should not be continued for a second season for the sake of preserving Hannah's story, there were still a lot of things left unanswered by the end of the season finale. A second season would be nice to shed some clarity on those uncertainties.

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Several people, including producer Selena Gomez, book author Jay Asher and a few of the cast members, have hinted that a second season is definitely a possibility. Here are all the questions we still need answers to in Season 2:

Caution: Spoilers ahead.

1. Will Mr. Porter actually listen to the tapes?

Hannah explains in her 13th tape that Mr. Porter, her high school guidance counsellor, partly contributed to her decision to kill herself because he told her to simply let things go even after she told him that she was raped. After her death, Clay gave the box of cassettes to Mr. Porter and that it was up to him to listen to them or not. This left many of us wondering - will he actually listen to the tapes? And if he does, will he submit them with the genuine intent of bringing Hannah's death to justice?

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2. What will happen with the Bakers' lawsuit?

Throughout the show, Hannah's parents filed a lawsuit against the school for letting their daughter be bullied and not intervening. Their purpose for this was not only to get justice for Hannah, but also to make sure that no other family would ever have to experience the pain they felt. By the season finale, it seemed like the Bakers had a strong enough case to win - but will they win? It all depends on what Mr. Porter does with the tapes and what the characters decide to reveal.

3. Is Clay's taped confession of Bryce enough to convict him?

Near the end of the season, Clay secretly records a verbal confession from Bryce who admitted to raping Jessica and Hannah. Though it's obvious that Bryce is guilty and deserves to be punished for his actions, the season ended without any clue of what will happen to the tape and if justice will ever be served for the two girls.

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4. Did Alex actually shoot himself and will he survive?

Several fan theories have been released about Alex's last minute shocker. The last time we hear of Alex in the season, he was being transported in an ambulance after he had apparently attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. But some people believe that the incident wasn't a suicide attempt at all, and that he was actually shot by Tyler, the yearbook photographer, who was last seen removing Alex's picture in the school's dark room. What really happened to Alex, and will he make it?

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5. What will Tyler do with the guns and photos in his room?

One scene in the season finale showed Tyler with a bunch of guns and photos in his room, which may indicate he was planning on conducting a school shooting. In the next scene, he gives his deposition and explains just how brutal the bullying he experienced was at the school. Could Tyler and a school shooting be the central story line in a sequel season?

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6. Where is Justin headed off to with that handgun?

The last time we see Justin, he is walking away from Bryce after confronting him about what he has done. Over his shoulder is a duffle bag containing vodka, some money and a handgun which he took from his mother's apartment. Where does he intend to go? Why does he have a gun with him? If he was looking to get revenge on Bryce, wouldn't he have taken action on him at the moment he confronted him?

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7. Is anybody going to jail?

The people who were mentioned in the tapes were all guilty of things that partly contributed to Hannah's decision to commit suicide. But who of them are guilty of a deed that is worthy of jail time? We know that Sheri confessed her crime to the police, but we don't know if she will be punished for it. We also know that Jessica finally told her dad the truth about her rape, but we don't know what her dad plans to do about it. And what about Zach, or Marcus? Each character has so much more to their story that was not revealed in the first season.

8. Why did Hannah trust Tony so much?

Throughout the entire first season, Hannah and Tony's relationship was never really established. Why did Hannah trust Tony so much, when they barely had any interactions with each other? There must have been a deeper, underlying reason why Hannah confided in Tony so much with her tapes - perhaps there's more to Tony that we don't know of?

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9. What will Clay do next?

After Clay handed off the cassettes to Mr. Porter, it seems as though he's finally washed his hands of the situation and let Mr. Porter to decide the next play. But does Clay actually have any back-up plans in case Mr. Porter doesn't do the right thing? Also, will his mother stay on the case even though Clay's involvement in Hannah's suicide could be a conflict of interest?

10. Will there even be a second season?

This is perhaps the biggest question of all - will there be a second season? There have been mixed opinions about this. Some think that the story came fill circle by the season finale, while others aren't satisfied with many of the cliffhangers being left so open-ended. Are you in favour of a second season?

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