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Concerts are a way of life for many people in Toronto and it works out really well because this is a terrific city for live music. There are usually a ton of options when it comes to a night of live music and debauchery with your friends.

The thing about there being so many options is that not everyone is able to fight off the FOMO. There are some who are able to accept the fact that they've maybe seen one too many concerts in the last little bit while others are just full blown addicted- we're talking the hardcore concert junkies. Here is their story.

1. You Have Every Single Different Type Of Credit Card For All Different Types Of Pre-Sales

Different cards and codes for different bands/sites/fan clubs. There needs to be a universal card for concert junkies. I'm going to invent that.

2. Toronto Is Often The Only Canadian City On Tours, Making It Really Hard To Say No

But you can't not go, I mean it's the only Canadian stop on the city. It would be rude to pass up that opportunity, #DoItForYourCountry.

3. Scheduling Conflicts

Shit, you can't make it that night you have work. *Five minutes later* Sends mass email to work colleagues asking for coverage.

4. That Next-Day-Ear-Ringing

It's sort of like a beautiful reminder of the amazing night that you had and a push to get online and search for your next high.

5. Your Parents Are All Like "Well You Seem To Have All The Money In The World For Concerts"

Forget about asking your parents for a measly toonie to buy a coffee at Tim Hortons.

6. You Hate The Layout Of Sound Academy But Still Spend More Time There Than At Home

Who in the world thought it would be smart to design a concert venue that is skinny and long? Wide and short, always wide and short!

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7. It's A Vicious Circle

Discover new music when you see the opener--> buy tickets to their concert --> Repeat.

8. You're Often Broke As A Joke

Forget about putting that 80 extra dollars you made working overtime into your bank account, it won't be long before another concert announcement is made and you're just withdrawing it.

9. Trying To Cut Back Until Your "Favourite Band" Announces A New Tour

You've made the conscious decision to give up concerts this month, at least for 31 days but them BAM, like clockwork, your current favourite band makes an important Facebook announcement.

10. The Storage On Your Phone Is Maxed Out

Too many photos and videos stored from the last 12 concerts you went to. Photos and videos that you swear you took for the memories but definitely never revisited.

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11. Your Non-Concert Loving Friends Just Don't Get It

Forget about crying to them when your parents refuse to let you use their AmEx for One Direction *insert cool band cover up* presale.

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12. Accepting That Unless You're Sitting Within The First 20 Rows On The Floor, Your Seats at The Rogers Centre Are Going To Suck

But you buy them regardless because you can't just not go. 

13. You Have Yet To Find A Cure for Post-Concert Depression

The PCD struggle is real, so very real. We're still grieving Sam Smith and it was 4 days ago :(

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