Being a university student changes you in more ways than one; from your sleeping habits to the way you communicate. As time goes by, you eventually pick up on the underlying meanings behind certain statements that university students make.

Here are 12 stereotypical statements that surely most of you can relate to:

1. What they say: "I'm so behind in my classes."

What they really mean: "I'm so behind on Netflix."

At UOttawa, you can use the promo code "NETFLIX" to get 50% off your next midterm.

2. What they say: "I'm going to be a few minutes late for class."

What they really mean: "I'm not going to class."

At Ryerson, students who commute don't think twice about their decision to skip when they're already late.

3. What they say: "We should study together!"

What they really mean: "Dude, lend me your notes."

At Guelph, Gryphon pride is strong and students generally have each others' backs.

4. What they say: "I'm on my way."

What they really mean: "I'm still in bed."

At Brock, the Glenridge 116 causes you to be even more late.

5. What they say: "I think that exam was alright."

What they really mean: "WTF just happened??"

At UofT, Life Sciences students never truly know what they're in for.

6. What they say: "Mom/dad, can I have money for textbooks?"

What they really mean: "Mom/dad, I need money for pizza, take-out and beer."

At Western, funds for the Richmond Row are always included when planning school finances.

7. What they say: "How much of our grade is this assignment worth?"

What they really mean: "Can I afford not to do this assignment?"

At Queen's, students need to know so they can decide whether to go to Alfie's tonight or not.

8. What they say: "Is the final cumulative?"

What they really mean: "Can I afford to ignore the entire first half of the semester?"

  • At UOIT, FBIT students are particularly strategic exam-takers.

9. What they say: "I'm going to sleep now."

What they really mean: "I'm going to spend a couple more hours on my phone."

At UW, the trolls come out on OMGUW at night.

10. What they say: "Will it be curved?"

What they really mean: "Will I pass?"

At McMaster, the bell curve is especially coveted by engineers.

11. What they say: "I'm going to study at the library"

What they really mean: "I'm going to procrastinate on Tumblr at the library."

At Queen's, Stauffer can be just as distracting as any other place.

12. What they say: "Let's do something sometime!"

What they really mean: "I'll see you when I see you."

At YorkU, catching up over coffee with an old friend at The Absinthe never actually goes through.

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