It's no secret that Toronto is chalked full of amazing restaurants, but that's not to say that the surrounding area doesn't have equally (if not better) options as well.  We have recently featured some amazing places from Hamilton, Guelph, Burlington, and Windsor, but now it is time to show Barrie some love.

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For those of you looking to get out of the city and try something new, here are 16 great spots to check out in Barrie, in no particular order!

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Urban Dish // 367 Yonge St.

Urban Dish has some of the best staff in Barrie that will ensure your meal is absolutely perfect! This spot offers a wide variety of cuisines on their menu, and no dish has ever been a disappointment.

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Herb N' Sage // 559 Essa Rd D6

Herb N' Sage is the perfect place if you're looking for a tasty meal at a reasonable price.  The service is also super quick, so it's a great spot to hit up on your lunch break.

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Pho Mekong // 555 Essa Rd.

This is the ideal spot to hit up on a cold winter day.  If you're a fan of pho, this spot should be on your restaurant bucket list because it is likely the best in the city!

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Avocobar // 43 Collier St.

Avocobar is the perfect place for those of you looking for a healthy option.  They have tons of fresh ingredients that are sure to satisfy all your veggie cravings.  They also have a super tasty falafel wrap that I recommend trying!

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Farmhouse // 268 Bradford St.

Whether you're looking for a perfect brunch or a delicious burger, Farmhouse definitely has you covered.  Their staff is also extremely friendly and accommodating.

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Kensington's // 40 Dunlop St E

Kensington's serves up some of the best comfort food in Barrie.  I suggest pairing your burger with some of their delicious sweet potato fries!

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Donaleigh's Irish Public House // 28 Dunlop St E

Who can say no to lobster mac and cheese, especially when it's from Donaleighs!? They take pub food to a whole new level here and every dish will definitely surpass all your expectations.

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Painters Hall Bistro // 17 Clapperton St.

Painters Hall Bistro has some pretty impressive appetizers and cocktails.  This is a really great spot to take a friend on on their birthday or a loved one on a date!

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Barnstormers // 384 Yonge St.

Barnstormers is a beer enthusiast's heaven, and the perfect place to hit up on a weekend. The staff are also extremely patient and knowledgeable when it comes to the beers they serve, so you won't feel intimidated by all the choices!

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Bohemia // 125 Dunlop St E

Bohemia is the perfect place for a casual lunch.  They also have really great espresso if you need a morning pick me up.

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Lazy Tulip Cafe // 29 Maple Ave.

The Lazy Tulip is an adorable cafe, perfect for all coffee and tea enthusiasts.  They offer a very cozy and inviting atmosphere as well as some great menu options if you're feeling peckish.

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Pie // 11 Victria St.

Pie is one of my favourite pizza spots in Barrie.  All the ingredients are super fresh, and there are tons of menu options that are sure to fit your taste.

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Bamboo // 61 King St.

The spring rolls at Bamboo are seriously mouthwatering, along with most of their other menu options. Everything is also super cheap, so you won't have to spend much to get a lot!

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Boon Burger // 112 Dunlop St E.

Boon Burger is the perfect healthy option fo0r those of you with dietary restrictions.  Everything on their menu is vegan and super tasty.  I also suggest their vegan soft serve if you have a sweet tooth!

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