Sometimes everyone just needs an afternoon of appetizers and wine with their BFF.  Whether you’ve had a rough week at work, a long semester at school, or just a shitty day in general, there is a good chance that a couple of hours at an amazing restaurant with your closest friend will completely turn your day around.

This article is for those of you who have been neglecting your social life, and your restaurant bucket list.  We have compiled a list of 14 adorable spots in Toronto that you must check out with your BFF.  So yes, I did just give you 14 excuses to get to take your best pal on a BFF date, you're welcome.

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Descendant Pizza // 1168 Queen St E.

I think 90% of all problems can be solved with pizza, which is why Descendant Pizza landed a spot on this list.  If you're looking for a place to eat your feelings with some of your closest friends, this is your spot.

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Wish // 3 Charles St E.

Wish is the ideal spot for a boozy brunch with your best friend.  Whether you're craving a mimosa, fluffy waffles or avocado toast, they have you covered!

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Oretta // 633 King St W.

Oretta is fairly new to the city, but has already become a King St. staple.  This delicious Italian spot has beautiful decor that you're sure to fall in love with.

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Planta // 1221 Bay St.

Planta is a spacious restaurant with lots of room for you and your girl gang.  They also have delicious cocktails which you must take advantage of during your visit.

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El Rey // 2a Kensington Ave.

El Rey will surely become your favourite patio this summer.  This quirky Mexican joint in Kensington offers a laid back vibe, and some seriously mouthwatering appetizers. I suggest trying their seafood cocktail - you won't be disappointed.

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Miss Things // 1279 Queen St W.

Miss Things is a great spot if you're looking to grab some specialty cocktails with a friend.  Their drinks are strong and delicious which means it won't cost you much to get your buzz on.

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Lena // 176 Yonge St.

Lena has brought South American cooking to Toronto in a very big way.  Their portions are generous and their staff are super friendly.

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Superpoint // 184 Ossington Ave.

Superpoint is another amazing pizza joint that is new to the city, because who can ever have too much pizza?

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Jackpot Chicken // 318 Spadina Ave.

Jackpot Chicken has been taking over Instagram with their bright decor and adorable cocktails.  There is no better way to end a stressful week than a watermelon full of vodka, am I right?

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Cider House // 391 Roncesvalles Ave.

If you're looking for something a little more outside the box Cider House is an awesome option.  You'll be able to order a fleet of different ciders and compare all your favourites with your friends!

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Doma // 50 Clinton St.

Doma offers the perfect mix of both French and Korean dishes merged into one!  This cozy little spot is a great for a more intimate dinner with a few close friends.

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Bar Begonia // 252 Dupont St.

Bar Begonia has a pretty impressive wine list, which is essential for a successful BFF date. Therir interior is also pretty cool, so be sure to take an Instagram.

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Lasa // 634 St Clair Ave W.

If you're craving some Filipino food, you and your friends should definitely head to Lasa.  Everything on their menu is delicious and their portions are very generous.

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