Let's be real - these pick up lines are so outrageous that it's doubtful they'd actually work on anyone, even Ryerson students.

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But if you go to Ryerson or have friends who do, you'll at least get a laugh out of these ridiculous, Ryerson-themed pick up lines:

Hey boy, I'd like to see you put your Ram in my Rye.

Hey girl, are your eyes Kerr Hall? 'Cause I get completely lost in them.

Hey boy, I would gladly give up my spot on a wait list on RAMSS for you. 

Hey girl, are you my OneCard? 'Cause I can't live without you.

Hey boy, I'd journey all the way from Sally Horsfall to Ted Rogers just to see you.

Hey girl, are you the one-legged pigeon? 'Cause you're a rare sight to see.

Hey boy, are you the hotdog stand at Gould and Victoria? 'Cause my love for you will stand the test of time.

Hey girl, our relationship is like a broken escalator in TRSM - I want to make it work.

Hey boy, do you get your coffee at Balzac's? 'Cause I'd like to see yours.

Hey girl, you got me more shook than the 'Believe' guy's shouting.

Hey boy, you make my day more than an "all-crossing" signal at Yonge-Dundas.

Hey girl, you and me - we'd be gould together.

Hey boy, I could love you more than RTA students love themselves.

Hey girl, do you go to Ryerson? 'Cause I wanna RAM you. 

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