Oh Valentine's Day... 

A stressful day for many, in part due to the stress that comes with buying the PERFECT Valentine's day gift. And while girls are easily satisfied with flowers, a spa day or pizza (yes...for real, just get us a pizza and we'll be pumped, guys are a little trickier.

Here are a few ideas of what to get your man this Valentine's Day:

1. Anything from Canadian company Illbury + Goose, like their awesome beard oil.

2. A close-shave at Original Grooming Experts.

Photo cred - Lavish&Squalor

3. A mandale (man-candle).

Photo cred- BuyMars

4. A certificate for land ownership on Mars... cause he's out of this world.

5.  A framed photo of the two of you.

6. An amazing quality shirt from Canadian Brand Frank & Oak.

7. Take them on a Old Toronto Beer Tour.

Photo cred - OVO

8. Tickets to a Raptors game + OVO clothes.

Photo cred- LCBO 

9. Dark Horse Canadian Whiskey.

10. Common Projects from Gravity Pope.

Photo cred- Colognoisseur

11. Amazing cologne, like Replica by Maison Martine Margiela.

12. Bacon roses.

13. A massage at one of these amazing spas.

14. Sex...because duh.

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