What is it about being in a relationship that can suddenly turn the most sane, normal people into crazy, FBI-level stalkers? Ask any girl and she probably has a hilarious yet terrifying story of a time that she went a bit too far trying to figure out what an ex was up to.
While guys can be just as crazy in relationships, this article is dedicated to all of the ladies who have unleashed their crazy in the funniest ways possible. From driving by his house to hacking into his Facebook, these stories will make you feel sane in comparison. At least we can take comfort in the fact that we're not alone in our craziness.

1. "I used to hang out at the subway stop near his house in the hopes of running into him. I would literally chill on the bench on my phone around the time I knew he got off work. I ended up running into him once, and it was so anti-climactic, I knew I had wasted my time. I also had to make up an excuse about why I was in that area, since I didn't actually live anywhere near there. Awkward."

2. "We broke up on bad terms, and I was petty AF. In order to keep tabs on what my ex was doing, I worked hard to bond with and befriend his best friend. It worked out really well, because I always knew what my ex was up to (and who he was seeing). It also drove him crazy that his best friend and I would hang out. Bonus!"

3. "Okay so this isn't a story of me stalking an ex but of my ex stalking me. My boyfriend of two years cheated on me and I was obviously devastated. I broke up with him, and after only about two weeks apart, I started to realize how much better off I was. A few months after we broke up, he started sending me packages. They were filled with poems that he wrote, photos of us and other random stuff. One package included a ticket to Bestival (wtf) and he said that he had the other ticket. The real kicker came when he sent me a video of himself singing a realllly bad song that he wrote about me at an open mic night. WTF."

4. "After our breakup, he deleted me and all of my friends on Insta. Because I'm crazy, I made a fake account to follow him. I had to make it an account that he would accept, so I created a fake Sports Illustrated Model fan account. He obviously accepted and followed back, so then I had to keep updating the account so it would look real. He's a really boring guy, so I didn't actually learn much from his insta, but I could at least check in on which girls photos he was liking."

5. "For the few weeks after our breakup, I would regularly get all done up and walk around the Shoppers in his neighbourhood looking fly just in case I ran into him." 

6. "This is really embarrassing and desperate of me, but after my high school boyfriend caught me innocently texting another guy, he broke up with me. I was obsessed with him and really thought we were going to end up together. As my "grand gesture," I brought him Tim Hortons every single day before school for a week. He would literally just say "Thanks" and shut the door. Needless to say, he did not take me back, but I wasted a lot of time and money on that jerk."

7. "After my ex boyfriend broke up with me, I was determined to get him back. Because his mom loved me, I would text her for the dumbest reasons. "Just watched the new episode of suits...what did you think?" "I know you love the colour blue so this reminded me of you!" She was nice and always replied, but I now realize that was a little crazy.

8. " I would straight up drive by his house once or twice a week, just to check in. I'm not proud of it but luckily I never got caught."

9. "This isn't so much of an ex boyfriend as an ex hookup. In first year university, after breaking up with my high school boyfriend, I made out with this guy who was on my friend's floor. Because he was my first rebound and I was 17, I obviously became obsessed with him. The next night, I came to visit my friend on her floor, hoping to run into him. When I saw him, he totally brushed me off and said he wasn't coming out because he had work to do. Later that night, I drunkenly decided to come back to his room to try to convince him to hang out with me. I don't totally remember what happened next, but I do remember it ended with me spending the night crying sitting in front of his door with him coming out of his room every so often to ask me to leave. Needless to say, we did not hook up again, and I was embarrassed every time I ran into him over the next four years."

10. "I was in "relationship" (I was 15) with a boy I met during summer camp. We had a summer love, and when the summer camp ended, we couldn’t see each other because we lived in different cities. This was back in the days when we didn’t have cell phones, only MSN. But he never reached out on MSN after the summer camp. I started spamming him on Facebook and MSN and he finally blocked me. I knew he was on a forum (I forgot the name but it was a gaming forum) so I created an account, found out his username by like entering 18 combinations in the search bar. I stalked the topic he was writing on and I reached him on the forum asking him why he never talked to me after the summer camp … He blocked me on the forum too (I wonder why). I bumped into him on the TTC 5 years after that and he walked right past me lol."

11. "When my ex and I were going through some shit - he lied about everything - I secretly took his phone and made him a contact on "Find My Friends" then hid the app so he wouldn't find out. Point of this was to see if he would lie about where he was (we did long distance)...so a couple of weeks later he said he just got home and I looked at the app and he was at this sushi restaurant in Etobicoke??(HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN BARRIE)...long story short - I went with a friend - saw he was on a date - and that was that. To this day he still doesn't know how I knew, he thinks I just went to the restaurant to eat. I also forgot about him being a contact on find my friends and only realized he was still there a couple of weeks ago, I then deleted him.

12. "When I was away at uni, my boyfriend and I broke up. We still had each other on "Find My Friends," and a week after we broke up I noticed that he was on a random street. I thought to myself, "You don't know anyone/have friends who live there," and I know he went out the night before through Snapchat, so my intuition told me he hooked up with someone. So I screenshotted his location, and then compared it to Google Maps to find out which house he was in. I asked my good friend who is a social butterfly to what girls lived in around here. She found the house and named all 6 girls who lived there, then together we creeped the bar pics from the previous night and found him in a picture with this girl. Originally we thought this is THE girl, but it was actually her roommate. I got so bothered that I confronted him about it and he told me her name... then, of course, I creeped her. Just so happens she looks freakishly similar to me (dark hair, tan skin, exotic-ish) aka he has a type or he's just weird and trying to relive the past? Boys are fucked, but girls are psycho.... but always cute lol."

13. Not a boyfriend, but in high school I had the biggest crush ont his guy. One day after school, I got on his bus (which I did not take) and got off at his stop a couple steps behind him. I followed him to his house and watched him walk through the front door. I was debating if I should go ring his doorbell (for what reason I DON'T KNOW... I'm 99% sure he didn't know I existed). Just when I decided to walk up his driveway, I saw him come out to take out the garbage or something and I dove into the bushes on his lawn and hid there for 10 mins. Then once he went inside I just ran away."

14. "This is really bad but a couple months after my ex and I broke up, it dawned on me that I still had his Facebook password. I tried logging into his account and it worked. I used it to check his messages to see if he was talking to girls and looked through his Activity Log to see if he was checking my profile (turns out he was). I would check in on his Facebook regularly for the next two years, just out of curiosity, until he finally changed his password."

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