Each and every Western student has a very different university experience, and there are an infinite number of experiences to be had. No matter what happens, one thing is for sure: you're guaranteed to have the "Best Student Experience" (according to surveys ?)

While the experiences you hold closest are probably very specific and unique to your own journey, there are a few universal experiences that most (if not all) Western students have. These universal experiences function as reasons: reasons to choose Western, reasons to love Western, and reasons to be a proud Mustang forever.

Here are 16 reasons why we're proud to say we went to Western:

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1. You went to one of the best universities in the country.

No matter which list you check, we always crack the top 10. We're one of the best and everyone knows it, and with that, you can wear your Western gear forever with pride!

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2. You’ll probably get to work alongside other Western alumni.

I mean, if you root your career in Ontario it's pretty much inevitable. And having a co-worker who's also a co-Mustang means an automatic friendship and workplace ally.

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3. You got the best "college experience” in Ontario.

Note that this is very different from the 'best student experience' or 'best university experience'. Western is known for its 'work hard, play hard' tendencies, and if you wanted to play hard, chances are you got to. Western let you live out the college narrative that TV and movies set you up for. Most people I talk to say that their "college" living expectations were met or even exceeded!

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4. You met absolutely incredible people.

Western is filled with incredible people, and chances are you befriended a few along the way. Hopefully, you will have those friendships for a lifetime!

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5. Your University gear will look cool in any context.

Whereas Scottish tams and bulky engineer jackets only look cool in one place……….. hell. 

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6. You got the Best Bagel Experience.

Western's trifecta of spectacular experiences: Best student experience, best 'college' experience, best bagel experience. (We're still trying to make the latter two awards official)

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7. You're impervious to Canadian Geese.

Four years is plenty of time to build up a fear immunity. You'll probably never have to face geese as tough as Western's again, but you'll be prepared on the off-chance.

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8. Even as an alumni you have access to certain resources and benefits.

Western never stops loving and taking care of you! Check out the benefits of being an alumni here

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9. You had access to a first-rate education.

Western prides itself in its award-winning faculties and staff. You're getting an education at Western that will benefit you for the rest of your life. If that isn't something to be proud of, I don't know what is!

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10. You’ve acquired a network of brilliant, hardworking people.

At Western, you're surrounded by incredible people that are smart and motivated too. Choose to be around the people who will push and motivate you to be your best self. The connections you make at Western will be important in the long run, so hold on to them. It could mean promotions and new opportunities. For all you know, your classmates could be running the world some day!

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11. You’ve acquired a network of of beautiful people.

At Western, you're surrounded by brilliant, hard-working, BEAUTIFUL people. Thanks to social media, you’ll have a spectrum of prospective romantic opportunities even after you graduate!

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12. You got to experience the best Homecoming in Ontario.

Best student experience, best college experience, best bagel experience, and now, best Homecoming experience... Is Western the best or something?

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13. You learned, you loved, you lost, and most importantly, you grew.

As cheesy as this one might sound, it's true. You're going to grow up and mature so much over the course of your university experience, and you'll be able credit Western for a lot of it.

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14.  You had an unforgettable OWEEK.

Whether you were a soph who partook in multiple OWEEKs or a one-time attendee in first year, Western's O-week is something you never forget.

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15.  You got to eat from gourmet food trucks on campus.

The food trucks definitely factor into our Best Student Experience. Western expresses its love to us via grilled cheese and Beavertails, and for that we're eternally grateful!

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16. You’ll always have a second home.

You'll always know Western as your second home, because home is where the heart is. ❤️

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