We all want to be the girl that "changes" our Toronto boy for the better. The goal is to be the girl that made him commit; but here's the reality: there's a very big possibility you aren't the one.? Not to say you won't eventually be the one, but let's be real here... our boys from the six are waiting longer and longer to settle down.

We want to help you avoid wasting time on someone who isn't going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.? So how do you know if he's genuinely into you? Well, we've compiled a list of things to look out for in the event that he's not that into you. ?

1. He doesn't ask you about YOU.

If he doesn't ask you about yourself you have two problems on your hands: 1. he's too consumed in himself (so we're saving you on this one) 2. he's not interested in what you're all about and therefore, not that into you.

2. He waits way too long to make plans after your dates.

If you two went to citizen for drinks a week and a half ago and you still haven't heard back, he's probably onto the next one.

3. He calls you "bro".

well...would you date your bro? Think about it.

4. He shows you pictures and brags about girls he recently hooked up with.

OKAY, big ?red?flag?

5. Negative body language.

If he doesn't make eye contact with you, chooses not to be near you around friends, crosses his arms when talking to you, or fails to keep conversation going, he's not as interested as you hoped.

6. He flirts with you, but also flirts with everyone else.

He probably just has a flirty personality.

7. The time of day he messages you.

If a guy is thinking about you during the day, he'll message you during the day. If you notice that you only get messages after 10:00 PM, you are probably a booty call.

8. Text ratio.

If you see a lot more blue/green than grey there is a problem.

9. He doesn't introduce you to his friends.

If he is serious about being with you, he'll want to show you off to his friends.

10. He says one thing but his social media says another.

If he says he can't hang-out because he has to get up early, but you see he had a night out with his boys he probably used it as an excuse not to hangout.

11. He takes forever to reply but when you're with him he is constantly on his phone.

His phone doesn't magically disappear when you're no longer together.

12. ^He's constantly on his phone.

If he's into you, there is absolutely nothing on his little gadget that can possibly be more important then being present while you're together.

13. He talks about sex too much.

If he only wants to talk about what goes on in the bedroom, he doesn't deserve to have you in the bedroom.

14. You have a feeling he's not into you.

Girls are some of the most intuitive creatures. Listen to your gut!

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