The mistress, the other woman, the side chick - that's what is running through your head because the relationship you have with your current guy is totally unstable. Your nights spent together only consist of "Netflix & chill", he's never up for going out in public and you're not a priority.

You're probably unsure of this relationship with the guy because nothing is set solid between you two. The sure signs are there, you just don't want to believe that you're the "other one." Here's a list of 14 signs that prove you're just a side dish and not a main course:

1. You're saved with a different name in his phone.

Or you may not even be programmed at all. 

2. He responds only when it's convenient for him.

Which also means when he's not with the other chick he's seeing as well.

3. He'll never stay over.

Because his gf is waiting for him at home. 

4. You have no clue where he lives.

And there's a reason to it. 

5. If you do know where he lives...

You'll never have breakfast. 

6. Your dates are in secret spots.

Or you end up having vino and take- out at your place. 

7. He doesn't answer the phone in front of you.

The call is either ignored or he leaves the room to talk - because it's another woman duh.

8. And he will ignore your phone calls too.

Because he's with someone else. 

9. You never see each other during the day.

Your meets are always during off hours. 

10. And it usually takes place during the same day and time every week.

Because that's when he's not with the other woman. 

11. You don't have each other on social media.

That's explanatory. 

12.  And he doesn't like to take photos.

Because he doesn't want them posted. 

11. You obviously don't know his family.

Because he doesn't care to introduce you and his parents might know his actual girlfriend.

13. He will go MIA out of no where.

All of a sudden he disappears and doesn't respond to your messages. Then he magically appears as if nothing ever happened.

14. Plans are never made in advance.

He's never sure of what he's doing and he keeps you on the hook by not telling you if he's available.

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