Retail is retail, but it's a totally different ball game if you work at Yorkdale mall. Regardless of what store you work in or what section of the mall the store is located - everyone can come to a common understanding that these struggles are an exemplar of what we face as a collective.

From the frantic customers to Yorkdale's insane parking, it's quite the experience and story to tell as a fellow emoloyee.

1. Parking is the absolute worst.

This is known to be true whether you're visiting the mall or actually working there. Even if you're parking at the designated "employee parking" it still manages to take forever. You essentially have to leave 7 hours before your shift starts if you're at least trying to make it on time.

2. If your store isn't located near the subway, you're literally running across the mall.

If you're not driving to work and you're taking the subway, that can be a struggle in itself. Sometimes, it's difficult to remember that you STILL need to allocate time in order not to be late for your shift.

Oh don't mind me, I'm just casually sprinting across the mall.

3. Yorkdale is never not packed.

Just becareful that you're not running into a 3 year old while you're sprinting through the mall. People are always walking too damn slow or glued to their phones to even notice that you got places to be. Not only that, but unless you work in Aveda, your store is always packed with people touching sh*t they don't need to be touching, messing up clothing piles, demanding for your attention while you're in the middle of helping someone else - do I need to continue?

4. The Tim Hortons in the cineplex only sells donuts and doesn't accept gift cards.

This ones a personal jab. If you work in the mall, you know that your breaks aren't long enough. At the time, I was working closer to this timmies location as oppose to the one near the subway and happily waited in line with my loaded giftcard. Turns out you can only grab a freaking donut AND you can't use your Timmies' giftcard - let's just say I went back to work empty handed.

5. You can just forget about going to the food court on your lunch break.

Seriously, forget about it and don't even get me started about lining up for Chipotle or Jimmy the Greek. No matter what, every single line is way too long and your break will be done the second you get to the cash register. You basically bought food for no reason and now you have to wait until the end of your shift to eat it.

6. Entering the dungeons of Yorkdale to do a garbage run.

I absolutely hate it down there. The only plus side of doing a garbage run is that you can waste a bit of time during your shift. But, you'll quickly jinx yourself and end up wasting TOO much time because down there is a maze. Every hallway, every wall, every turn, every corner, every door looks the damn same. You'll quickly find yourself scavanging for a way out, attempting to follow the faded arrows that direct you back to the elevator.

7. If you were lucky enough to find where the garbage goes, I know you know how BAD it smells down there.

I rather just be lost tbh. Chucking heavy ass bags of garbage and boxes into those complex looking, loud machines. Everything down literally sounds dangerous, but I just act like I know what I'm doing when I push that big red button.

8. Waiting for the elevator to get to and from the basement.

You can push the "call" button as many times as you want, but those elevators have a mind of it's own.

9. When you're working and suddenly the fire alarm goes off.

You're definitely going home with a headache, your brain legitametly goes numb. I appreciate the constant testing but at the same time I don't. Customers always freak the hell out because the blaring siren sounds like a bomb threat and the worst part is, it never only lasts for 5 minutes.

10. If you don't park at P5 during the holiday's you're getting a ticket.

Holiday season at Yorkdale is pretty intense. So intense that if you're parked in regular parking, you will get a ticket.

11. Holiday season, period.

The holidays at Yorkdale begin promptly on November 1st. From the annoying Christmas music, the frantic customers, our mall santa, extended holiday hours to boxing day - it's quite the nightmare.

12. There's no such thing as a quick coffee run.

Whether you're lining up for Tim Hortons or Starbucks (Starbucks ESPECIALLY) before or during your shift - the idea of you being "quick" is just not going to happen. Stick to Second Cup, they seem a lot more chill...I think.

13. Seeing everyone you know, even when you don't want too.

Doesn't matter if you're looking your best or you're having one of those days at work because you're bound to run into someone you know.

14. Black friday...

Black friday is coming up on November 25th. The parking lot, the subway station, THE MALL IN GENERAL IS ABOUT TO BE SO CHAOTIC. For us employees, it's about to get real and we would just like you all to know that the sales are never that serious!

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