Let’s face it, Toronto fvckgirls are just as prominent as the fvckboys in this city. You may find one sitting across from you on the TTC or so conveniently on your timeline. Whether you’re trying to talk to a Toronto fvckgirl, you happen to be friends with one, or you are guilty of being a Toronto fvckgirl yourself, there are a few things that emphasize what it means to be a fvckgirl from the Sixside.

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1. Cabana Pool Bar is a crucial spot for an ideal Instagram post.

You'll find her at Cabana with her girlfriends at least once in the summer. Whether she's holding her drink, sitting on one of the white couches or perfectly posing in front of the city skyline, it's just appropriate she takes a photo for the gram.

2. If ‘Controlla’, ‘One Dance’, ‘Sorry’ or ‘Work’ starts playing at the club- she’s about to go off and Snapchat the entire thing.

Let’s be real, any Toronto fvckgirl fucks with a track that gives them an excuse to twerk. But, to be honest she’ll dance on her friend before she even considers dancing with you.

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3. It’s like the CN Tower was built for her and her Instagram.

Expect at least one picture of the Toronto landmark on her feed. Maybe she was at The Porch, enjoying a bucket margarita or on the ferry on her way to the Toronto Island. She also probably captioned it, “Views”.

4. “Are you dumb?” Is her favourite question (however, if she’s saying this to you, chances are she definitely thinks you are).

Don’t get a Toronto fvckgirl cheesed, because then it’s going to be a beef ting.

5. Real talk, her vocabulary consists of heavy Toronto Slang, at least sometimes.

There will be a point in the conversation where the Toronto terminology will naturally come out, trust me fam.

6. You’ll know if she’s had Sweet Jesus before, it’s def on the gram.

Especially if she went to the one on John St.

7. She most definitely went to the CNE and everyone on her social media knew.

Even if she didn't ride any of the rides because she didn't want to ruin her hair.

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8. Chances are that if she doesn’t have a man, she’ll tell you she does.

Well because she’s too good for you, that’s why.

9. With all these Instagram posts, she’s going to need a good caption and it’s safe to say it’s been a Drake lyric a few times.

If she's up at the Thompson rooftop its 1000% going to be "I'm all the way up".

10. Either she knows all the club promoters, has been a promoter or has at least helped promote events from time to time.

She thinks everyone wants to party with her and all her Toronto fvckgirl friends. Well, don’t you?

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11. She probably doesn’t remember how the food was, but at least she got a picture of the 6 on a Wave sign when she went to Frings.

6 on a wave!

12. She's takes a selfie in her bathroom but sets the location as the club she's going too.

Well don't you care about where she's headed this Friday?

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 13. She's done at least one photoshoot, most likely at Graffiti Alley, The Distillery District or Harbour Front.

At one point, she was an aspiring model...on Instagram.

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14. She Snapchats herself at Woodbine beach like she's down south.

You have to give her credit, she works with what she's got.

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