No matter what, an anniversary should be special. Whether you've been together for only one year or a decade, everyone deserves to feel amazing when celebrating love. Dating is quite the task in the 21st century,  so being able to last in a relationship during the age of Tinder is actually quite the accomplishment.

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Of course, there are many simple approaches to your special day, like a nice dinner and/or a regular date night. But for such a special occasion, why not try something new and surprise your S/O? Doing something unique for your anniversary will leave you with lasting memories.

So if you're looking for something a bit more than dinner and a movie, we have your back. Check out one of these 15 ideas for an anniversary that you'll never forget.

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Edgewalk on the CN Tower.

For any adrenaline junkies, this would be the ultimate anniversary date. You could always follow up this crazy adventure with drinks and a meal at the 360 Restaurant.

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Go get tattoos at Chronic Ink .

If you're one for permanent ink, why not head down to the parlour with your bae? We're not saying that matching tattoos are a good idea but you can always just watch one another get something new!

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Make your own cookies at Sweet Flour.

Not only does Sweet Flour make amazing treats, you can also order personalized goodies for your loved one. It's a perfect idea if your significant other has a sweet tooth.

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Spend the day at Wonderland.

Okay fine, Wonderland is technically in Vaughan but if you can celebrate with a day full of fun, why not? Ride some rollercoasters and play some games for a super memorable anniversary date.  

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Have a picnic in Trinity Bellwoods.

Whether you make your favourite meal or just grab some delicious take out, picnics are always a good idea. Bring a bottle of champagne and cheers to your awesome relationship!

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Enjoy the spa together.

Nothing is more relaxing than heading to the spa, so why not relax together? Try one of these 7 amazing Toronto spas for a little R and R.

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Throw a party with all your friends.

This is perfect for those milestone anniversaries. If you've been dating for awhile, it's nice to get everyone that you love together to help you celebrate. Ask them their favourite memories of you two and get everyone to share!

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Go bowling at The Ballroom.

A night of games, drinks and good food? This anniversary may just be the most fun you've ever had.

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Take a food tour of your favourite date night restaurants.

Nothing is more romantic than food. Head to the spots that you and your honey love for an indulgent day full of your favourites!

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Explore the secrets Toronto has to offer.

If you and your bae are always up for adventure then why not explore the secrets you didn't know about the city? Check out these 16 secret things around the city that will make your special day memorable, to say the least.

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Stroll through High Park.

Especially if it's blooming season. Who wouldn't want to have a romantic stroll through cherry blossoms? Talk about a picture perfect moment.

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Take a trip to the Beaches .

Make it the ultimate day at the beach by getting ice-cream, splashing in the water and soaking up the sun. The Beaches are also super picturesque, so enjoy a lovely stroll around their local shops and restaurants.

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Go on the ultimate Sunday date.

Start with brunch, stroll around your favourite shops on Queen St West, and finish off the afternoon with a nap. Even if it's not Sunday, spoil yourselves! Not only is it a low key day, you can also enjoy a fancy dinner in the evening too!

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Check out some Toronto sports.

Whether you love the Jays, Leafs, or Raptors, a night out at the game can be a super fun way to celebrate. Whether you're beside the court or in the nosebleeds, you and your babe will have a super fun night out.

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Take an art class.

Channel your inner artist at the Paint LoungeBy participating in a painting class you will be able to bring home your memories and put them up for display.

Is your anniversary coming up? Tell us in the comments how you plan on spending your special day with bae!

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