If there's one thing for certain, it's that dating is hard. Oh yeah, relationships are hard and it definitely doesn't help when half the world population looks down on your relationship with someone of the same gender as you. Yup, we all know the struggle but nobody knows it anymore than an LGTBQ couple. Dating in Toronto in 2016 is definitely a lot easier than it was 10 years ago but nonetheless there are still so many issues revolving around LGTBQ relationships to this day in many parts of the world.

Here are a few struggles that all LGTBQ couples know way too well

"So who's the boy and who's the girl?"

Not only is that completely ignorant to say, but it's also really sexist.

The dating pool is definitely a lot smaller than your typical hetero pool.

Everyone's either straight or still in the closet.

And because the dating pool is so small, there are lots of people out there to steal your bae away from you.

I know that times are tough but find your own bae!

Having to constantly hide your relationship because you're not out yet.

And having to refer to them as just your "friend" whenever you bring them over to your parents' house.

People not wanting to meet IRL anymore.

Because they're probably still in the closet as well.

That awkward moment when you want to show PDA but it's almost always uncomfortable.

You'll hold hands for like an hour before you let go because of everyone staring.

When people get off on your relationship.

"So can I see you guys kiss?" ... how about no? This goes out to ladies specifically who just want to have a good time with their bae without gross perverts asking for a potential threesome opportunity.

You can't escape the hook up culture being presented.

Just when you think you've found something real, they ruin it by sending/ asking for a dick/boob pic.

Your insecurities are multiplied ten fold.

There's a pressure to look better than the next attractive person that catches your bae's attention and the struggle is real.

The never ending argument on who'll be top or bottom.

Let's just say every relationship includes a little give and take...

Wardrobe malfunctions.

Nothing is worse than meeting up with your bae just to find out that you're wearing the exact same thing.

It's like walking through a minefield trying to ask if that cutie in your class is gay or straight without actually asking.

"Hey, do you prefer tacos or hot dogs?"...

Always being asked if your s/o is your friend-- or even worse, your sibling.

It's actually so awkward because then you picture yourself kissing your "sibling" the next time things get intimate and things just get weird.

Having to constantly hear negative things from someone about your sexuality and relationship.

It's hard to feel 100% comfortable in your own skin when you constantly see the people staring and the occasional asshole who has to get his opinion across about your relationship. FYI: nobody asked for it.

Constantly having to doubt your relationship because of all the negativity still out there.

"Maybe this isn't right" and "This is too much to handle" are words that come to mind whenever you let the homophobia and negativity get to you. But don't let it get to you because your relationship is between you and them and not the rest of the world.

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