Toronto in the late 90's and early 2000's was considerably different - shirts were looser, pants were baggier and teens were much more... "gangster", if you will.

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It was a phase most of us went throughand we all probably have a few photos still floating around on Facebook that serve as horrid reminders of our cringy past decisions. And even if you didn't actually go through this phase, you may have still experienced it by association to an older or younger sibling who did. Here are 15 'ratchet'  things everyone was once guilty of doing in Toronto:

NOTE: This is all just for fun! Take seriously at your own risk:

You attended house parties that involved a heavy amount of bubbling and daggering.

Oh wait, this still happens now.

You spoke slang more than you did actual English.

Also still happens now.

You frequently rocked an oversized white tee that went past your knees.

You slanged in your white tee, you banged in your white tee...

You used to listen to "Low" by Flo Rida and T-Pain on repeat.

Yaaas that was your jam and you know it girrrl!

You also had at least one pair of Apple Bottom jeans in your closet.

Boots with the fur too.

You bedazzled your Motorola Razr with Baby Phat accessories.

And with your Jansport bag, slicked down baby hairs and pink Phat Farms you were the coolest chick in school. Yaaas kween.

You spent your allowance on massive hoop earrings or fake Chanel studs.

You'd mission to the mall after school just to get them.

You recorded yourself dancing the C-walk in your garage or on your driveway.

Or at least tried doing the C-walk in private.

You managed a Tdotwire page.

And introduced yourself in a section entitled "Da 411".

 You mall ratted with your friends in obnoxious herds after school.

Your first stop was always Stitches, Urban Behaviour or some equivalent.

You downloaded a lot of hip hop songs on your LimeWire.

Most songs were by G-Unit or by artists who have "Lil" in their names.

You would throw a fit when your parents told you you couldn't go out in those "pum pum" shorts.

And now you wish you had listened to them.

You took a TTC map on the subway when no one was around.

It's still hanging up on a wall in your room somewhere.

You came up with your own tag and drew it everywhere you could.

You looked up graffiti fonts online to get some ideas.

 You ran ball every recess or watched the guys in your class play.

You probably didn't even like basketball. Ball was life only because everyone else said so.

What memories do you have of the 90s and 2000s?

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