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We've still got a little while before we hit Valentines Day, but every day should be a celebration of love. Especially when you live in a city like Toronto, which sometimes feels like it was made for the warm fuzzies of love. I know every romcom takes place in New York, but Toronto has all of the necessary qualities for being the best place to find that special someone. Don't believe me?

Everyone Here Dresses Like Something Out of an Indie Romcom

Walk along Queen West and you could basically cast your own version of 500 Days of Summer. If that doesn't inspire you to get into some romantic adventures, I don't know what will.

It's So Damn Pretty

Have yo ever taken a second to look at how gorgeous this city is? I mean, sure, if you look at some parts too closely you start to notice the condom wrappers and pigeons all over the place (I'm talking about Bellevue Square Park, in case you couldn't guess), but overall, this city is something straight out of a postcard. It's the perfect backdrop to your romance.

There Are So Many People To Meet

Toronto's got the highest population of any city in Canada, and it really feels that way some times. If you set out to it, you're guaranteed to find someone you at least like in this city, and you can work on love from there.

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There's So Much To Do

On top of that, Toronto makes it really easy to surround yourself exclusively with people like you. If you're into partying, you'll never run out of places to get trashed, or people to do it with. Same for if you're into Dungeons and Dragons, or rock climbing, or whatever. You can basically tailor your life to make sure that the only applicants for a part in it like the same things you do.

The Date Options Are Endless

Toronto wants you to cuddle up, no matter what time of year. Is it winter? Why not take your bae for some spicy hot chocolate in the Distillery District, or tobogganing at Christie Pitts? Summer? Pick up some beer at Bellwoods Brewery and enjoy them in the sun at Trinity Bellwoods. You can easily find something to do, no matter what you and your date are into.

There's Plenty Of Places For Alone With Your SO

Despite being such a highly populated city, Toronto makes it really easy for you and your boo to have some quality alone time once you get out of downtown. You can go hiking along Crothers Woods or in Rouge Park, if you're into that kind of thing. Find a quiet bar somewhere in Leslieville, or walk along Cherry Beach in the winter (I guarantee, no one will be there).

Music Is The Language of Love

Toronto is all about music. Between all the amazing large and small music venues in this city, and the endless festivals, you can't avoid getting a little music in you if you tried. And I don't have to tell you that music is mostly about making you feel all warm and squishy inside until you really wanna hold someone's hand. Try holding someone's hand next time you're watching a show at Wrongbar (note: the person has to agree to holding your hand). I guarantee it'll make it better.

Toronto Loves Chance Encounters

You've either witnessed this happening to someone else, or it's happened to you (or both!): you've been out somewhere random, and you run into a person you didn't expect to see anywhere ever again, let alone there, wherever it is that you are, and you end up catching up and having a great conversation. I have no idea why this happens here so much, but it basically means that just because you didn't get the phone number of that girl you met at OVO when you had the chance, it doesn't mean you won't see her again three months later at your cousin's BBQ.

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Torontonians Love To Talk To Friendly Strangers

It's hard to sit down anywhere in this city without someone eventually coming up and making conversation with you. Whether you're at Roach-a-Rama or the Urban Eatery, if you're sitting somewhere by yourself (or even not by yourself), someone's going to want to make friends. Keep that in mind next time you notice someone you like at Ein Steins. You could just go say hi.

Being Alone Really Isn't An Option

Toronto is not geared towards having a night in. The easiest way to get your friends to stop demanding you come out to the Entertainment District with them on Friday night, is to tell them you're planning on having a quiet night with the bae. So, if you're the type of person who occasionally likes to sit around watching Netflix in a onesie (who isn't?), being in a serious relationship will only make that easier. And more cuddly.

Toronto's Sexy

Have you seen the residents of this city? They are all absurdly good looking. If you were going to find someone to fall in love with, here is obviously the place to do it.

You Have Limitless Restaurant Options For Dinner Dates

Nothing makes a better date than a standard romantic dinner. And boy does Toronto have you covered there. Whether you and your date are into fancy French dining or all-you-can-eat tacos, you will find a place that caters to your needs. And having a full stomach is half the battle.

There's A Fucking Lake Here

What is the point of being in the proximity of Lake Ontario if you're not going to fall in love in front of it? It's rom com 101, so I hope every one of you is taking advantage of how picturesque that lake is and taking your dates on canoeing trips, or beach days, or even your standard ferry ride to the islands. It would seriously be a waste otherwise.

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Everyone's Already Coupled Up

You'll never know FOMO again. Your friends are all probably already in long term relationships, so there won't be anyone shoving their singleness in your face, making you wish you had your freedom back. It's part of what happens when you live in a city where everyone over the age of 19 is a proper grown up.

Toronto Apartments Were Made for Cuddling

One thing that comes out of the rent situation in this city is that it's a lot easier to find a small one bedroom, or bachelor apartment than anything else. And those bachelors are pretty expensive for one person. Boom, enter your soulmate, who provides you with half of the rent, and someone to keep you warm when the heat gives out.

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