Alright, first things first: Torontonians can be some pretty easygoing people - we generally don't mind if you, for instance, need help with directions, or maybe want us to take your photo for you. Sure, no problem! However, there are definitely some annoying questions or phrases that many Torontonians are growing sick of hearing.

Below you'll find a list of things that may generate an eye roll or grimace from your otherwise friendly Torontonian. Whether it's dissing our sports teams or forever asking us about Drake, we're just here to let you know, we're over it, okay?

1. "Have you seen/met/know Drake?"


I wish, dude. I will most probably, definitely, let you know if/when I do though, how 'bout that?

2. "It's called the Rogers Centre now so why don't you just call it that already?"


SkyDome til I die.

3. "Where should we go to eat? Jack Astor's? Milestones?"


Oh sure, because I haven't been there 492957 times already - can we try something new, please?

4. "Toe-ron-toe."


Tuh-ron-oh. TUH-RON-OH. Practice that a couple dozen more times because it makes a lot of us cringe inwardly to hear it pronounced otherwise.

5. For the GTA-ers: "You're not really from Toronto."


So you're telling me that someone battling TTC delays daily, spending their 9-5 working in the city every day, and (if they're a postsecondary student) basically living on campus at U of T, Ryerson, or George Brown has no right to call themselves a Torontonian? Cut the GTA-ers some slack, man.

6. But then again, for Torontonians from the city core: "Yeah I'm from Toronto... oh, where specifically? Vaughan."


North York? Ok. Scarborough? You're technically connected to the subway line, so, I guess. But Brampton, Vaughan, Ajax and beyond? I dunno, you may be pushing it now. Good for you for repping a city that you possibly only commute into a couple of times a month, though?

7. "Let's go Boxing Day shopping at the Eaton Centre!"


What, with those crowds? Let's just be honest with ourselves here - it's almost never worth it.

8. Referring to our city in casual conversation with us as The Six/6ix/6.


Torontonians may be divided on this (ie. some love using the phrase whereas others think it should've stopped being used since, like, yesterday). Not gonna lie, it feels kind of weird if you're not even from Toronto though and just trying to be "on trend" calling it The 6... just saying.

9. "Toronto's like a wannabe New York."


And we'll have you know, our flatiron building (the Gooderham building) came first, so no, it's not a copy of the one in NYC.

10. "Toronto's pretty boring, there's never anything to do."


Refer to #3 and maybe venture out of Jack Astor's or the Eaton Centre or wherever it is you've been spending all your time because there's always dozens of things to do. The city's not boring - it's probably just you.

11. "The Leafs / Raptors / Jays suck."


Do you have a death wish?

12. When friends/relatives come to visit: "Can we go to the CN Tower?"


I know it's an iconic landmark and all, but there really are more fun places to go than the CN Tower...

13. "Let's go shopping in Yorkville!"


Well, there goes my paycheque.

14. Anyone going absolutely overboard with the Scarborough/Brampton slang and being overly obnoxious about it.


Yo real talk though don't cheeeese me styll, are mans tryna say it's a scrap ting, fom? Oh word? Truuuuuuuu.

15. Just saying, "I hate Toronto."


BYE. Haha no, really, we have our pros and cons just like any other city but hey, Toronto is still home and we love it all the more for it.

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