The cake scene is on a total different level nowadays and has grown immensely. Before, we'd all get basic cakes with plastic figures being part of the decoration, (and ice cream cakes were the most exciting) but now it's all about artistic design and what you're able to put together with dough and colors.

From designer labels to cars, films and their characters, a cake can pretty much have anything you want on it. Cakes have become fabulous pieces of art that are put together by very talented people, who use their creative mind, artistic and baking skills to make the most unreal cakes ever. There are many talented cake decorators in Toronto, but here's a list of 15 that we'd like to recognize:

via @deesgoodies

Dee // @deesgoodies 

via @deadlyaddictive

Gayethiry S. // @deadlyaddictive

Samantha // @_sammycakes


Gigi Bakes // @curlsgigibakes

via @skconfectionery

Sahajbir Kaur // @skconfectionery

via @ohsosweetvaughan

 Rosa Cirillo // @ohsosweetvaughan

via @sweetliciouscakes

Tayyaba Rehman // @sweetliciouscakes

via @afrocococakes

Tosin Adetunji // @afrocococakes

via @fortheloveofcaketo

Genevieve Finley // @fortheloveofcaketo

via @ledolci

 Lindsey // @ledolci

via @honeydollbakehouse

Sabrina Meffe // @honeydollbakehouse

via @deleecieux

Deleecieux // @deleecieux

via @sweetchinabakes

Silvia // @sweetchinabakes

Carla // @thecakebaker_c

via @emeraldbaking


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