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There are certain things you just get used to when you live in Toronto. As sure as Honest Eds will shine, so will the CN Tower shine back with its weird rainbow display. But some aspects of Toronto life just become ingrained in your system, so you can't go back to your life without them. Here are some of those essential to Toronto-life things.

The TTC, As Much As You Hate It

Real talk: The TTC is attrocious. But can you imagine what life would be like in this city without it? There are people who you would literally never see again. Toronto is so huge that getting from one end to the other can often feel like travelling to another nearby city. This is why we need the TTC to become more efficient. Too much depends on it.

The Beer Store, Because Beer

Not only is the Beer Store open later more often than the LCBO, but if it didn't exist, we'd be stuck with the LCBO's selection of beer, which is, quite frankly, bad.

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All of Toronto's Coffee Shops

It takes a lot of energy to keep Toronto going. Where do you think all that energy comes from? Caffeine, duh. We need it, we love it, and that's why you'll find three coffee shops on every block in this city.

Chinatown & All Its Delicious Cheap Eats

All Torontonians have a low-key addiction to Chinese food, and it's primarily because we have an incredibly dope Chinatown. It's our pride and joy, and any U of T student will tell you that it's been the difference between them and starvation during finals.

Brunch, Like I Need To Explain

Brunch is objectively the best made up meal ever, but Toronto has a particular soft spot for brunch. Maybe it's because eating out here is always such an enjoyable experience, maybe it's because every brunch place has their own unique little twist on it and it's always awesome. But brunch in this city is pretty unparalelled.

Life Without Parks

Where would your average Torontonian be without parks? They're where you go jogging (something everyone in this city universally loves), they're where you take your dog when you want him to socialize with other dogs (and since everyone here has a dog, this is key), and most importantly, they're where you drink with your friends in the summer. Parks are a necessity.

4 Billion Grocery Stores That Are All Necessary

The Toronto population is so explosive that no matter how many grocery stores there are, there aren't enough grocery stores. I have never been anywhere in the city that wasn't within walking distance of at least two grocery stores, and both were always full of people. This whole city should just become a giant grocery store.

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Toronto's Punk Culture

Even if you yourself are not a punk, Torontonians appreciate their city's punk undertones, because it gives them that necessary edge. Montreal and Vancouver have their hippies, so without punk lacing our citiy's astheatic, we'd just be a bunch of boring stiff drones who like beer.

Waiting For The Bus Without A Bus Shelters

There is nothing more terrifying than waiting at a bus stop in -25 degree weather and having no protection from the wind. Toronto is so windy in the winter, it should be permanently on hurricain watch. Bus shelters are the difference between life and death.

Cameron House

Where would you be without somewhere to see your friends perform on Friday nights? Cameron House is an institution.

Curing Hangovers At Smoke's

Toronto's biggest poutine chain has saved many a life on a hungover afternoon. Without it we have nothing.

The Eaton Center And All Its Convenience

As much as the Eaton Center is the worst, it has also saved your ass a thousand times. Who hasn't rushed over there right before a relative's birthday to pick up a DVD box set from HMV? Plus, there's a Baskin Robins there, and no place that has Baskin Robins in it can be all bad.

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24 Hour Gyms

Torontonians like to keep fit, and I'm pretty sure everyone in this city would spontaneously combust if there were no more gyms. Luckily, the city is chock full of them, so there's always somewhere you can go to pump some iron, no matter the time of day.

The Essential Act Of Composting

This is something I found pretty tough to understand when I moved here: garbage day is always like, once every two weeks. So unless you compost, you will get maggots and fruit flies all the time. I wish someone had told us that when we first got here, because it would have saved us a lot of heartache.

Headphone Mics Because We're All So Damn Busy

I feel like Headphone mics were specifically invented for Toronto. Someone was wandering around the city and said, "That woman has so many things in her hands! What's she gonna do if someone calls her?" Everyone in this city has embraced taking calls with their headphones like they were born to do it. And who says they weren't?

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