Long weekends are the best addition to the weekend since we learned how to drink. Whether you take this time to sleep in, be productive or just hang out with your pet. No matter what we will never hate on a day off of work.

There is nothing we love more than a long weekend but in the middle of February, sometimes it's hard to go home for Family Day. When you've moved to Toronto from a town far away it can be hard to schedule a trip home to visit. Or sometimes you just don't feel like seeing your teenage sister as she is the most annoying human in the world.

We know that families don't always want to hangout for a whole day. So whether you're stuck in the city or just don't feel like arguing about politics at dinner, we have 12 things for you to do in Toronto this Family Day!

1. Keep the party through Sunday night at The Family Day Reunion After Party at Club 120.

2. Check out MUNA perform at The Drake Hotel and avoid hanging with your teenage sister since this event is 19+.

3. Ossington Comedy is hosting it's regular Monday night show but this week there is pizza included!

4. Laugh out loud The Worlds Biggest Improv Tournament just be careful your family doesn't want to join you.

5. Watch the South Seas Tease perform at Shameful Tiki Room since it'll be too sexual for your Mom to handle.

6. Lie to your Aunt about your dinner plans and check out the oldest pub in Toronto instead.

7. Even if your family loves beer, head to Brewer's Backyard Family Day Event and get a buzz instead.

8. Learn about healing your health with a holistic workshop our family would criticize with nutritionist Keisha Luke.

9. Unwind and save your friends from their families for a Painting Night at Safari Bar & Grill.

10. Treat yourself with ice-cream in donut cones at this Toronto bakery.

11. Party a day with the family away at The Wilderness event hosted by Lost and Found.

12. Gain new skills you won't find in college with Yariszbeth's makeup masterclass hosted by Velvet Lush Group.

13. Avoid your mother's awkwardness and take your friends to check out 50 Shades Darker instead.

14. Escape your grandmother's sense of humour and have the best time during the Meme Wars at Comedy Bar.

15. Get your sweat on with Tribe Fitness and participate on glute day, it'll hurt less than conversations with your Aunt Dorris.

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