With every year comes a new round of slang words, and sadly a lot of us embraced them this time around (myself included).  Whether you said them as a joke in a group chat or caught yourself using them as your genuine vocabulary, there is a good chance it was still pretty cringeworthy.

For those of you who have caught yourself uttering "lit, fam, or suh" within the past year, there is still hope.  Make it your resolution to leave these 16 words and phrases in the past, and start 2017 sounding a little more dignified.

So, here is my list of 16 embarrassing things I and many others have said within the past year.  RIP 2016 vocabulary, you won't be missed.

1. "LIT"

Definition: Being extremely intoxicated, or used to describe something that is exciting/awesome.  Also a phrase that confuses a lot of parents.

2. "Fam"

Definition: A group of people, usually friends.  Fam can also refer to one single individual, but still sounds pretty stupid.

3. "Savage"

Definition: Basically your typical bad ass.  They can most likely drink you under the table, have no filter and just generally don't give a fvck.

4. "Suh"

Definition: A stupid way of saying "what's up".  Usually used by girls trying to seem bro.

5. "Legit"

Definition: A shorter way of saying legitimate.  Usually used to provide emphasis on an exciting story about how Becky stole Rachel's boyfriend.

6. "Thot"

Definition: Stands for "that hoe over there" and an incredibly disrespectful way to describe someone.

7. "Goals"

Definition:  Usually used to emphasize one's yearning to achieve something or "become" something.  Basically the only word uttered by everyone during the entire Victoria's Secret Fashion show.

8. "Clutch"

Definition: Usually used to refer to something as being essential or a necessity.

9. "Fleek"

Definition: This goes along with "on point".  This term usually describes something being done exceptionally well.  Most girls use this word to describe nice eyebrows.

10. "ME AF"

Definition:  Another term used far too often.  Meaning that something is relatable to them "as fvck".  Don't even bother trying to understand this one, it is probably one of the worst things our generation has contributed to the internet.

11. "Bless Up"

Definition: A celebratory term used after accomplishing or succeeding in something.

12. "Don't kill me"

Definition: A term used when another person says something funny or shocking.  The is basically a term to make it seem like your more interested or entertained than you actually are.

13. "Do it for the vine"

Definition: A term that was used to encourage people to do bizarre activities in order to film it and post it on Vine.  RIP Vine, we will all miss those crazy dog videos.

14. "FOMO"

Definition: Stands for Fear of Missing Out.  A symptom many millennials suffer from when they cannot attend an event that is all over social media.

15. "fvckboy"

Definition: Essentially the male version of a thot. This is another disrespectful way to describe a person.

16. "Hunty"

Definition: A semi-demeaning way of referring to somebody, without calling them an aggressive/rude name.  Usually used when somebody is feeling passive aggressive, or a little tipsy after a few glasses of wine.

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