We all know that the Toronto neighbourhood war is part of living in the city. Unless you're not originally from the six, you never say that you're from Toronto. Instead, you're from whatever area you call home.

Down in the west end resides Parkdale, one of the hippest areas of Toronto while still being slightly grungy. If you're from Parkdale you know that there is nothing you're more proud of then being able to call this 'hood home.

Sure, some may judge when you tell them that you're from Parkdale but you know better than anyone that this neighbourhood is cozy af. From the charming locals, multiculturalism and amazing food options, you wonder why people live in the hustle bustle of downtown. Here are some signs that you're definitely from Parkdale.

1. You brunch at Easy Restaurant every Sunday.

Whether you get a typical eggs benny or the delicious huevos divorciados, Easy Restaurant is a Parkdale staple. Where else would you eat away your hangover?

2. You prefer your independent coffee shops over Starbucks.

Since the only one Starbucks is at King and Dufferin, there is a lot more option for coffee in this neighbourhood. You love Cosmic Cow Cafe, Capital Espresso, and Jinks Art Factory, plus they're closer to your house!

3. You follow the @parkdalelife Instagram account religiously.

Whoever runs this account knows the struggles of all Parkdale residents. This Insta page showcases all the weird, crazy shit that happens in Parkdale on the daily and for that, we salute you.

4.  You either absolutely love MetCap rentals or absolutely hate them.

Since the majority of the buildings in Parkdale are owned MetCap, it's easy to see why people from this neighbourhood have a strong opinion on them. 

5. You were devastated when the bar Not My Dog closed.

This bar had an amazing back patio, live music every day, and an atmosphere that just felt like home. This bar was not only the best to relax on a hot summer day but also had amazing drink deals that everyone loved.

6. You prefer Public Butter to Black Market.

These two stores are a dream for any vintage lover. With great prices and selection, the second-hand sister-stores have a lot in common. Yet, Parkdale's Public Butter just has a certain je ne sais quoi, that makes it a favourite of any neighbourhood resident.

7. You absolutely adore the Dollarama.

Convenient and cheap, Dollarama is the go-to spot in Parkdale when you need to pick something up. You don't even want to admit how many times you go there in one week (but we know it's at least three)!

8. You hate the CNE

Not only does it mean floods of people coming down Dufferin Street, have you heard the damn air show. You thought planes were cool until they made the walls of your apartment shake.

9.  You cried when Vi's No Frills Closed.

What was only supposed to be maintenance turned into the complete closure of No Frills at Jameson and King St.  Not only does Fresh Co. have too many frills, we miss the grit of Vi's. The mystery of No Frills continues.

10. Your date night includes a meal at Parts & Labour followed by Boreal Gelato.

Parts and Labour is your go to for any date night because of the delicious food (plus a chance of seeing Matty Matheson) followed by dope Gelato. If you haven't tried this combo are you really from Parkdale?

11. You either bike or take the streetcar.

Who has time to travel all the way up to the Subway? Not anyone from Parkdale.

12. You live for the multicultural food.

Tibetan food, Indian food, Japanese food, Mexican food, need we go on? Living in one of the most diverse neighbourhood has paid off for your taste buds. How did we live before Glory of India and A+ Bibim and Sushi?

13. Your kind of treat is a Glory Hole donut.

Once upon a time, there was a rumour that this place was seedy but you know better than to believe rumours. Not only does this little shop serve up some of the most delicious donuts, they're known for their unique flavours such as Earl Grey and Maple Bacon.

14. You get angry when people mistake Parkdale for Liberty or Roncesvalles Village.

DO. NOT. EVEN. START. WITH. ME. Do you even understand how the neighbourhoods work?

15. You're definitely anti-condo.

Sure you support your friends' decisions to buy/rent a condo, but you know that you would never do it yourself. You prefer your cheap, run-down high-rise and so does your bank account!

16. You can't imagine living anywhere else.

Once you've gotten used to Parkdale nowhere else in Toronto compares. Sure it's seedy and a little gross, but we love it.

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