16 Struggles Of Working At Metro

My struggle, my Metro.

Metro was my first part-time job. I was 15-going-on-sixteen and ready to take the world by the Granny Smith apples. Little did I know.

I worked in the produce and deli department. By day, I stocked the strawberries; by night, I sliced the bologna -- all to the rhythm of ABBA and George Michael songs on Metro Radio. To this day, the songs still ring in my head, like the rings on the till around rush hour. Life goes on and to this day I still talk to my friends and former Metro employees about our grocery lives.

Here are 16 struggles I had whilst working at the Metro:

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"You're listening to Metro Radio."


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"Air Miles?"

Hearing that in my head for eternity. Stop.

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The uniforms

Can anyone ever look good in this. Thank god for the new grey ones.

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When a customer starts off a question by asking, "I must be blind, I can't find..."

At this rate, we're all blind.

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Spending half your shift's pay on wedge fries at lunch

Or on pizza. Or chicken caesar wraps. Perhaps all of the above?

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5 hour shifts

One hour away from having a second break. So close.

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When customers complain about the prices

"Everything at Metro is so expensive!" Why are you a regular.

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When a customer tells you how nice it is outside

Thank you, would you like my job?

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Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving weekend

Brace yourselves.

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When Remembrance Day ends and Metro Radio becomes...

A Metro Radio Christmas. How many renditions of Silver Bells there really are, I'll never know.

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When customers leave items around the store

Why is there a sweet potato behind the Reese Peanut Butter Cups.

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When you want to talk to your friends at work

Silence forever.

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When a customer asks you a question about another department

Sorry, never been there.

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Throwing trash down the garbage chute

Or walking by the fresh fish department. Either way, I need to shower.

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"Could you go check if there's any in the back?"


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When a customer shows you an old flyer

*Blows dust off paper*

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