It’s almost back to school time, and we all know what that means…. Homework, stress and a fresh start. Whether you’re a terrified little first year or a terrified soon to be grad, university is a time you’ll remember forever.

Sometimes it seems like we get so caught up in our schoolwork and students debts that we forget to enjoy our university experience. It’s only four years after all! Make them count!

Here’s a bucket list designed to help you get the most out of being a Ram!

1. Take a Selfie with Eggy.

Show your Ram Pride and take a picture with our Mascot Eggy!

2. Sing karaoke at the Ram in the Rye.

The Ram in The Rye, Ryerson's campus pub, has tons of cool events throughout the school year that are a great place to meet new people. Channel your inner Beyonce and join in in some karaoke!

3. Study on every floor of the SLC.

The SLC, which opened this year, has quickly become a a student favourite study spot. Each of the SLC's 8 floors has a different theme. Spend a day studying on the "Beach" or the "Sun".

4. Create a new team, club or student group.

Have a quirky and really cool interest? Why not create a club for it? Chances are others share your love of knitting or painting! Do something you love and make friends with common interests! It's a Win-Win.

5. Successfully complete the “ Ryerson Student Afterschool Special” Pub Crawl.

Grab some friends and try to complete the Ryerson After School Special Pub Crawl... if you can.

6. Skate on Lake Devo in the Winter

Every winter the "lake" on campus turns into a skating rink. Lace up your skates and take advantage of the free skating!

7. Get all of the classes you want on RAMSS…. The first time.

All Ryerson Students know the pain and suffering RAMSS causes. Once, just once, get all the classes you want on your timetable and avoid the hunger games style battle that ensures each and every course selection period,

8. Successfully navigate Kerr hall.

Navigating Kerr Hall is a very precise art form. It is pretty much a maze. Try to master these halls and you will have truly won. This challenge is not for the faint of heart, be sure to pack lots of snacks, water, and Tim Horton's coffee if attempting this feat.

9. Win roll up the rim at every campus Tims.

Because free coffee is the best kind of coffee.

10. Cheer on the Rams at a game.

Show some support for your team and deck yourself out in blue and gold to cheer the Rams on to victory!

11. Find the one legged pigeon.

We've all heard the legend of the One-legged pigeon. Go on a hunt and see if you can find this elusive creature!

12. Go to the MAC or RAC and avoid the freshman 15!

The RAC and the MAC are both amazing places to work out. The gym membership is free with your tuition, so why not take advantage and get fit?

13. Try pulled pork poutine at Lou Dawg's.

You won't regret it.

14. Participate in Frosh events.

They're not just for firsties! Every year Ryerson try's to break a guinness world record. Join in on the fun and earn ultimate bragging rights. You could meet your new best friend!

15. Try a Billy at the Ram!

Even though it's now called " The Flaming Engineer" on the menu, real Rams know it's a Billy. This drink is a mix of Rye, Amaretto, Molson Canadian, and orange juice. A must try.

16. Graduate from one of the best universities around and make memories that will last a lifetime.

United we rise. Once a Ram, always a Ram!

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