It's not easy to approach a girl that you're interested in at the bar. You can't predict if the two of you will get along and let's be honest love at first sight does not exist.

The number one problem every guy has is the fear of rejection. If you've been turned down by several girls at the bar, perhaps you're doing something wrong. There are certain things you should avoid saying or doing while approaching a girl at the bar because she might get the wrong idea.

There's no way to redo a first impression and it's really easy to f*ck it up. Here are 16 tips that will help you get a Toronto girl at a bar:

1. Don't be scared of rejection

It happens. 

2. Simply say hello without vulgar commentary

"You're looking fine tonight." - NO.

3. Use eye contact

But not in a creepy way. 

4. Wave from a far

It's cute. 

5. Approach her with confidence, not cockiness.

Confidence is key but cockiness is a huge turn off. 

6. Compliment her

Don't over do it.

7. Before you buy a drink, ask her if she's interested in getting to know you better.

Many guys offer to buy drinks for girls at the bar, why should she have a drink with you?

8. Socialize with her friends

Brownie points if you buy them a drink.

9. Don't expect anything in return for the drinks.

If you're approaching her with that mind set, don't bother.

10. Restrain from flirting with the bartender

That's just rude. 

11. Prepare yourself for competition

Remember she's not your girlfriend. 

12. Ask for her opinion

This shows you care. 

13. Don't bump and grind

That's a form of dry sex. 

14. Don't get her wasted

If she's barely standing and you're still encouraging her to drink, don't expect a call the next morning.

15. Ask for her number.

Don't give her your number, ask for hers.

16. Walk her to a cab/uber.

It's nice to know you care about her safety (brownie points if you pay for her transportation)

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