Let's be real, what do people of Toronto have in common? On behalf of many  Torontonians, I must say we're all big time foodies. There are so many restaurants in our city, that cook up different flavours from cuisines all around the world, how could we resist all of the food?

We must thank all the talented chefs in Toronto for creating exquisite dishes to satisfy our taste buds. They're able to create a balance with several flavours, combining ingredients that wouldn't be easy to prepare at home.But imagine the hardships they have to go through. They work an excessive amount of hours dealing with fire,knives and dead animals - now that's something I personally couldn't do.

Masters of food are highly underrated for their profession, there are many skillful chefs in our city and if we could include them all we would. All of your hard work is greatly appreciated and we're sure you're an amazing chef! We've narrowed down a list (in no specific order) to recognize some of Toronto's Talented Chefs:

1.  Rob Feenie // Cactus Club

Rob is the corporate chef for Cactus Club Cafe, a casual fine dining chain. Cactus has become one of Toronto's popular places to eat, and thanks to Feenie there is a variety of items on the menu which can fit everyone's preferences.

2. David Lee // Nota Bene 

Lee is well recognized for his refined and creative haute cuisine. He worked at Splendido for over 8 years and now is the executive chef for Nota Bene. David is included in the list of Canada's Best Chefs and is a well known chef in Toronto.

3. Anthony Walsh // Oliver & Bonacini 

The man behind the impressive culinary program is the corporate executive chef of Oliver & Bonacini. Walsh is responsible for carrying out the menu for O&B 9 restaurants.

4. Susur Lee // Chef @ several restaurants 

Susur Lee is at the top of the restaurant scene in Toronto. He is the Chef King, from Frings(co-owned with Drizzy) to Luckee, Susur, Lee's, Bent and the list can go on and on. Susur has been a chef at several other food establishments, making him a celebrated Chef in our city.

Photo cred - @goodfoodrevolution 

5. Lindsay Haddock // Former Chef @ Scaramouche 

Lindsay is the former pastry chef at one of Toronto's Best Restaurants Scaramouche. Haddock is a very experienced sweet-tooth goddess and has now become a traveling pastry chef.

6. Alexandra Feswick // The Drake Hotel 

Feswick became the Chef du Cuisine at The Drake Hotel in 2014. She loves cooking Thanksgiving dinner; this explains why the Drake has changed their menu, with a homemade approach.

7. Carolyn Reid // Scaramouche 

Reid has been working as the restaurant chef at Toronto's well established Scaramouche since 1995.

8. Rob Gentile // Buca 

An amazing Italian chef, who works at one of Toronto's best Italian restaurants. Gentile is a true italian at heart and his culture is definitely vivid in the kitchen. His food is to die for; if you haven't already been, make sure to check out one of the three Buca locations.

9. Romain Avril //  formerly La Societe 

After travelling and working around the world, the Parisian native finally made his way to Toronto. He then worked as the head chef at Toronto's most popular French Bistro, La Societe.

Photo cred - @1loveto

10. Grant van Gameren //  Bar Isabel & Bar Raval 

He started his career in the food industry with a Pizza Pizza location in Ontario place and now he is a recognized local chef celebrity. Bar Isabel and Bar Raval has a top notch menu thanks to Grant van Gameren.

11. Masaki Hashimoto // Kaiseki Hashimoto 

Masaki was one of the best chefs of Kaiseki cuisine in Japan. He is the only chef preparing dishes in the kitchen, using his talent that will guarantee client satisfaction.

12.  Amira Becarevic // The Chase

Amira is the executive chef at Toronto's popular restaurant in the financial district, The Chase. The menu presents many high-end dishes that are tweaked with a spark of imagination.

13. Cory Vitiello // The Harbord Room 

Cory is a culinary master and his talent is well executed in The Harbord Room. He began his career at the age of 15, with a catering company. Vegetarians, keep in mind Vitello loves mixing several types of vegetables in his dishes.

14. Leo Spralja // Joso's

Leo started cooking in the Joso's kitchen as soon as the family restaurant opened up. The menu differentiates from others in Toronto, with its' extraordinary artistic themes portrayed in the dishes.

Photo cred - @postcity

15. Elia Herrera // Los Colibris

Herrera comes from Cordoba, Mexico, as a native she makes the perfect fit for one of Toronto's finest Mexican restaurants. Her recipes have been passed on through generations and she is encouraged by her family to create new dishes.

16. Alida Solomon // Tutti Matti

Alida has received plenty of national and local awards recognizing her exceptional talent. She is devoted to her cultural background and this is demonstrated in her cooking style as it  reflects the Italian culture and cuisine.

17. Kristel Procida // Le Ti Colibri

An extraordinary mix of French and Caribbean flavors are set in Le Ti Colibri menu. Kristel collaborated with Matthias Laurin to reveal different tastes of food in Kensington Market, with spicy recipes inspired by the islands of South America and France.

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