You're single and slightly sad. It's been a while since your last relationship and, well, the prospects are pretty low. Luckily, you have Tinder, where you'll go down a winding path of embarrassment, despair, and drinks. Here's Drake to remind you it all gets worse. 

1. Agree to go on Tinder date.

Photo cred— bad boy named billi

2. Get a little excited.


3. Show up lookin' fre$h.

Photo cred— ovorepsup

4. See the person.

Photo cred— richkidsbrand

5. Immediately regret everything.

Photo cred— buzzworthy.mtv

6. Try to make a swift escape.

Photo cred— Complex

7. Figure you might as well stay.

Photo cred— Giphy

8. Ask insightful questions. 

Photo cred— Giphy

9. Realize you have absolutely nothing in common.

Photo cred— Giphy

10. Fake laugh.

Photo cred— ebvnaeee

11. Fake laugh some more. 

Photo cred— thegiflibrary

12. Wonder why you get yourself into these situations. 

Photo cred— Giphy

13. Pick up a fake phone call. 

Photo cred— buzzworthy.mtv

14. Make up some story involving your cat/guinea pig.

Photo cred— mtv.tumblr

15. Say goodbye.

Photo cred— Giphy

16. Get home and think about deleting Tinder. 

Photo cred— Giphy

17. Realize you probably won't.

Photo cred— Giphy

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