Whether you're a recreational dancer, professional dancer or someone who just likes to dance (Even though people don't take you seriously... struggle #1 already). You know that sometimes the industry is just annoying as hell. 

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Shoutout to dance for fueling our passion, drive and love for music, even though sometimes the shit we put up with just makes us want to throw in the towel. Now sit back relax and laugh (or cry) at this list of struggles we all know too well:

1. Dance class being more expensive than a full meal at McDonalds

$20 for a dance class? Do you know how many cheeseburgers I could buy with $20? Like at least 15. 

2. When dancers all of a sudden have huge egos cause they did 1 FREE showcase 

Yeah congrats you catch that buff and get your face out there, but if it's not a paid gig I have no time for your snobbery. Not sorry about it. 

3. People dropping their credentials mid conversation

I asked what's new with you, not where you're training/what movie you're working on. Do you do anything other than dance?

4. People that say they're "so bad" at a certain style, only to hear people tell them they're amazing. 

One day I'm just going to agree with you. 

5. Swalla by Jason Derulo 

This song has affected our industry a lot. You already know.

6. How everyone cries about no one supporting each other but no one ACTUALLY shows up to events. Ever. 

Show up and support your friends. Just go to their shows, pay the damn $15 ticket. Eat Mr. Noodles for a week. It's worth seeing the smile on your friends faces after a show they just killed. Be a good person, help our industry move forward, support. Period. 

7. When you go to an audition but the whole thing has been cast already. 

SICK Why am I here again?

8. Everyone thinks they're a teacher.

You watched 1 Keone and Mari video and took a contemporary class? OH word okay keep telling me about how I can improve my control. 

9. Qualified teachers who take shots at new teachers.

If you're not helping the new generation succeed, you're part of the problem. 

10. Children having aggressive dance Instagram accounts.

Run by parent. 12. Dance is life. Jazz. Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Dancer. Tap. Ballet. Hip Hop. #FollowforFollow. 

11. #(Insert popular song)dancechallenge. 

Are these real challenges? What's the prize though?

12. When people classify themselves as "industry" dancers or "crew" dancers.

OH You think you're better than me because you're an "industry" dancer? Sickkkkkkk. 

13. When people think you "gave up" on dance cause you're in school.

Sorry I'm trying to learn and gain some education? I have skills! I want to do many things in this life.

14. Teachers who don't actually TEACH anything.

Refer to point #1, class is $20 so like if I'm not learning I'm not paying.

15. When dancers assume you suck cause you're just dancing for fun.


16. Cliques that make you hella uncomfortable before class. 

No no, keep sitting there on the bench staring at me with a dead pan face instead of saying hi. I'll see you after class?

17. How no one really does anything to fix any of these struggles. 

These are all very fixable things people! Let's start moving forward and actually make movements so we don't have to struggle anymore. Yay teamwork!

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