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Toronto is filled with gorgeous human beings and you're inevitably going to encounter many of them while riding the TTC.

Sometimes you even consider talking to them, but then decide otherwise because it's 8 in the morning and the train is packed. Sometimes you will lock eyes and have that awkward moment of pretending you weren't staring at them. But, as always, life always happens, and your imaginative romance only lasts as long as you and Mr./Ms. Hot Person are on the same train/bus/streetcar.

In the meantime, here are thoughts we all have while standing next to a hot person on the TTC.

1. Is it okay if I cunningly snap a creeper shot of you to send to all my friends?

I'm gonna do it anyways.

2. Do you go to U of T, Ryerson, OCAD, or George Brown?

3. I can tell you go to Ryerson from that Ryerson sweater you're wearing. I go to Ryerson as well. I think we're soulmates.

4. Are you getting off at Bloor? Please don't be getting off at Bloor.

Baby don't go.

5. I want to make babies with you without the babies.

6. What if you're a telepath and you're reading my mind?

What if that old dude across from me is reading my mind?

7. Bay Station? More like Bae Station.

8. Dayum, I would take you on a nice date to the 360 Restaurant in the CN Tower.

9. For real though, where should I take you for our first date?

Coffee on Queen Street? Brunch on King Street? A romantic walk around the Beaches?

10. Looking at your pretty face has made this awful commute much better.

Thanks for the eye candy.

11. I know I look like shit today but I promise I'm better looking most of the time.

Key phrase here being "most of the time."

12. There is a seat right next to me if you want to sit down.

Just sayin'.

13. Maybe I'll strike up a conversation with you.

But what the heck do I talk about? The fucked up weather we've been having?

14. Still a few more stops to go but I'll stand by the doors just to be close to you.

My (temporary) love.

15. If I keep glancing over at you will you lock eyes with me?

16. Maybe I should flash a smile.

But what if you don't smile back?

17. Oh shit. Nope. Not doing this. You caught me staring. I'll be staring at my blank phone screen if you need me.

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