Whether you're going on an all inclusive vacation to the Caribbean or back packing across the globe, you're bound to see Canadians. It's always fun to make new friends when you're traveling to different countries, especially if their from your homeland.

Canada is a multi-cultural country but we do have certain characteristics that make us different from other cultures. Here's are a couple of 17 ways you can identify a Canadian during your travels anywhere in the world:

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1. Canadians are very friendly.

We are very nice people and have great manners. Many times, Canadians will say sorry for the smallest reason.

2. Yes, most sentences include "eh."

Not all Canadians say eh, but it does become a habit. Did someone just say eh? Ya they're most likely from Canada.

3. A Bubba Cup is a travel essential.

More beer, more beer, more beer. A Canadian will most likely have his/her hand glued to the Bubba Cup.

4. Custom Beer Funnels.

Canadians will head on over to Canadian Tire before they go on their trip and buy all the proper pieces to make a homemade funnel. 

5. Belmonts.

Did you spot someone hacking a Belmont dart? They're from Canada.

6. We find it offensive to be called American.

There is a big difference between Canadians and Americans, we don't like being compared to one another.

7. All Canadians will cheer for The Raptors & Blue Jays.

No matter what city you're from, you will cheer on for these two teams. A Canadian will be repping Raptors/Jays gear.

8. Canadians are agreeable.

Every proposal, is a good proposal. Streaking in Thailand? Sure why not.

9. Tattoos

Several Canadians have the maple leaf tattooed on their chest, arm or even bum. 

10. See the leaf? They're Canadian.

There's no better national emblem than the Canadian Maple leaf. Glasses, shirts, flags, underwear... Absolutely any leaf gear is appropriate and necessary during travels.

11. We can get around speaking English and French.

Perhaps you don't speak fluent French because you're not from Quebec,  but you know the basics.

12. Canadians have humor like no other.

We love to laugh and don't get offended easily. 

13. They're rocking Roots or Lulus .

Everyone owns a pair because they are the comfiest and make the best travel pants.

14. And a Bucket Hat.

The best way to prevent heat stroke. 

15. Canadians will use SPF 90.

It's better to load on strong sun screen than to burn red. 

16. Crocs are the way to go.

They were designed in Quebec after all. 

17. We're proud to be Canadian.

Canadians come from different cultures, but when we're questioned about our background we proudly say, "I am Canadian."

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