Hey Toronto girls of the world. It is the second most important fashion event of the year: back to school. Coming in second to maybe your wedding day, this pivotal moment is crucial for how to rest of your year is going to look. Literally. 

Who do you want to be this year? Have you been digging any recent trends you want to give a go? Now is the perfect time to try them. 

We're lucky to have so many amazing bloggers, lifestyle Instagramers and Toronto models who have popping Instagram accounts to help us. If you're looking for some style inspo, or just want to fan girl over the bold prints and choices these girls are making, look no further than this list: 

via @biancavenerayan

via @daniesque

Danielle Roche & Bianca Venerayan // @kastorandpollux

via @vanessacesario_

Vanessa Cesario // @vanessacesario_

via @beckermanblog

Sam and Cailli Beckerman // @beckermanblog

via @jenn_mcnaughton

Jenn McNaughton // @jenn_mcnaughton

via @embattaglini

Emily Battaglini // @embattaglini

via @margaux.zanetti

Margaux Zanetti // @margauxzanetti

via @randomactsofpastel

Alyssa Garrison // @randomactsofpastel

via @kerenzayuen

Kerenza Yuen // @kerenzayuen

via @jencmorton

Jen Morten // @jencmorten

via @theresbianca

Bianca Scarlato // @theresbianca

via @jessicailam

Jessica Lam // @jessicailam

via @jetsetjustine

Justine Iaboni // @jetsetjustine

via @notyourstandard

Kayla Seah // @notyourstandard

via @oliviapezzente

Olivia Pezzente // @oliviapezzente

via @yourgirlmax

Max Houde-Shulman // @yourgirlmax

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