Living in Mississauga can be quite peaceful compared to the busy city life. But in 'Sauga, it isn't always a breeze to get by. 

As Mississauga natives we are constantly undermined with daily struggles like no other suburb surrounding Toronto. So here are a list of struggles we face on the regular just so that you know we are all on the same page. 

1. Explaining to people Toronto Pearson International Airport is in fact in Mississauga, and not Toronto.

Yes! In fact check the address, it is OUR airport! You guys can keep Billy Bishop though.

2. There's not many places to go clubbing so you become a regular at & Co. 

There's no doubt that you're there almost every Wednesday night for Latin night!

3. Everything basically closes at 10pm

On the bright side, Walmart is open till 11pm, but after that you're on your own.

4. With a lack of boutiques, you do most, if not all, of your shopping at Square One

It's Ontario's largest mall anyways, so the options are great, but when there's a sale, expect to see everyone that went to your high school wearing that same top for $5.99.

5. At least one person you know went on a date to Playdium and you probably ran into them there

Okay, maybe not one. And maybe it was you. Nonetheless it's a fun date idea and a great way to collect stuffed animals from your exes!

6. Using the Monroe Towers as our CN Tower replacement since we don't have a landmark building

These buildings are an iconic symbol of Mississauga. Since we don't have the CN Tower, this is basically our equivalent.

7. Being in Peel Region so that groups us with Brampton

Yes we are Peel region, but we are not in any way similar to the Peel homies in Brampton (no offence). We got our own thing going, thanks. 

8. Using a GPS to navigate Toronto

Use Maps or travel at your own risk when in Toronto. And yes, we'll even use maps when commuting just to make sure we hopped on the right streetcar, because in Mississauga we don't have one way streets.

9. Spends most nights chilling in a plaza parking lot with Timmy's because there's not much else to do

When everything closes at 10pm and the nightlife scene is not your thing, the best (and pretty much only) thing to do is grab an iced capp in the Tim Horton's drive thru with your squad, and sip it in the parking lot while watching fail compilations on YouTube. 

10. When everyone you know shows up to the free concert at Mississauga Celebration Square

With a dope line-up of Toronto (and some Mississauga) artists and food trucks, it's basically the only place to catch a really cool free concert in Mississauga. And that's what everyone else in Mississauga knows too, so expect to see the entire city there. 

11. MiWay transit 

The struggle is automatically determined as soon as "MiWay" is mentioned. Instead it should be called "Whatever Way We Want", because the bus routes will take you past your destination in a circle three times only to finally stop there on the fourth. 

12. The line at the Demetre Café in Courtney Park is always out the door

Because the Friday night ritual is a movie at Cineplex and desserts right across the theatre. But as usual, everyone in Mississauga has the same exact plans. 

13. Almost everyone has a picture of their car on the highest parking level at Square One AKA the basic 'Sauga mans picture

This is our version of roof topping. It makes the perfect spot for a photoshoot, a space to park your car and a cool view of the Marilyn Monroe towers in the back. It's also kinda basic.

14. Port Credit is our mature version of Queen St. W we make do with

This small historic village features shops and restaurants lining Lakeshore Boulevard. Basically a smaller, more sober version of Queen St. W. 

15. You go to house parties more than you go to clubs or bars

When your options are quite limited and spaced out (bar A to bar B is a 15 minute drive), your best bet is going to your friend's classmate he met in a psych lecture's big mansion party because his parents are gone for the weekend. 

16. Chain restaurants are the go to hangouts because that's all you can find

You name em. Moxie's, Scaddabush, Pickle Barrel or Boston Pizza, most of the spots are chain restaurants. The struggle to find a local eatery is real.

17. Spelling the word Miss-iss-au-ga

For every form you have to fill up with your address, this painstaking task always gets to you. It's an 11 letter word that takes two tries and small squished writing to make it fit. 

18. Being in denial about the fact that 'Sauga City isn't really a City

As we are all unsure as to where the phrase "'Sauga City" came from, it is widely known that there is in fact not much of a city here. With a cluster of about 7 skyscrapers and some streets where you have to pay for parking, we are a city that's still in progress. Nonetheless we love our dear 'Sauga very much and all of the quirks that come along with it!

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