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19 Dreamy Toronto Mans Who Are Killing The Game On Instagram

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Instagram is great for a lot of things. It's great to create your online profile, and it's even more important for stalking people and their life. I know we all do it. Ex boyfriend gets a new girlfriend, best friend moves away, someone you hate gets a haircut you name it. The stalking is real.  

We're all guilty of falling into the Instagram never ending scroll, and what's better than stalking really hot guys in the city?

If you need some inspiration for love, or are just really bored and want to see some fine looking guys, look no further than this list:

via @christianconfidential

Christian Thompson // @christianconfidential

via @mexication

Hernan Sanchez // @mexication

via @joselopez_fit

Jose Lopez // @joselopez_fit

via @jayaesthetics

Jason Oliveira // @jayaesthetics

via @mr.danielocean

Daniel Ocean // @mr.danielocean

via @grecov_chosen

Matthew Grecov // @grecov_chosen

via @oliviergaumond

Olivier Gaumond // @oliviergaumond

via @elitetoronto

Xavier Roger // @thexavierroger

via @kevdex2

Kevin Dex // @kevdex2

via @robbeeser91

Rob Beeser // @robbeeser91

via @maliklindo

Malik Lindo // @maliklindo

via @benlbclark

Ben Clark // @benlbclark

via @jessedunphy

Jesse Dunphy // @jessedunphy

via @taylorjamesgannon

Taylor Gannon // @taylorjamesgannon

via @nicholasgonko

Nicholas Gonko // @nicholasgonko

via @levibentlee

Levi Bent Lee // @levibentlee

via @mattyuniq

Matty // @mattyuniq

via @aaronaalleyne

Aaron Alley // @aaronaalleyne

via @shanevitalyforan

Shane Vitaly // @shanevitalyforan

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