Social media keeps getting more and more saturated, and with that comes more content to sift through in order to find something that catches your eye.  Luckily we live in an area full of creative, talented and inspiring young people creating awesome content or us to enjoy.

Yes, a lot of them come from Toronto, but the GTA is home to a lot of underrated and seriously impressive online personas.  Whether you're looking for fashion inspo, DIY ideas, or entertaining blog posts, this list will definitely have something that is right up your alley.

For those of you looking for a few fresh (and maybe local) faces on your Instagram feed, please read on!  And don't forget to support your local bloggers/YouTubers/creators with a follow. If you think we missed somebody, feel free to comment below or DM me who you think should be on our next GTA content creator round up!

via @crystalgabriellehahn

Crystal Hahn // @crystalgabriellehahn

via @thegentlemansaide

Jordan Cole // @thegentlemansaide

via @ellanusenbaum

Ella Nusenbaum // @ellanusenbaum

via @tanishajadehall

Tanisha Jade // @tanishajadehall

via @dustincarrington

Dustin Carrington // @dustincarrington

via @emilybaettaglini

Emily Baettaglini // @emilybaettaglini

Sydney Marie // @thebedheadblonde_

via @katewatkinson

Kate Watkinson // @katewatkinson

via @abhishekdekate

 Abhishek Dekate // @abhishekdekate

via @weldona

Amanda Weldon // @weldona

via @jonislegendary

Jonathan Tsang // @jonislegendary

via @kelseymarillis

Kelsey Marillis //@kelseymarillis

via @beckyylynne

Becky Lynn // @beckyylynne

via @laurynamills

Lauryn Amills // @laurynamills

via @whitneymcweekend

Whitney McMeekin //  @girlonthewinghamilton or @whitneymcweekend

via @thedaydreamdiaries

Marisa Mercanti // @thedaydreamdiaries

Reena Stackaruk // @reena_ray

via @threadsandblooms

Emily Hall // @threadsandblooms

via @christianconfidential

Christian Thompson // @christianconfidential

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