Just a short drive east from Toronto will land you in Pickering, a big city with an equally big personality. It seems as though most people in the GTA only know of Pickering as the place where the nuclear plant is; however, Pickering residents know there's so much more to their hometown than just that.

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Here are 19 signs you're definitely from Pickering:

1. You describe Pickering to people as "the place where the nuclear plant is" way too often.

2. You also leave out the fact that you've spent many sunny days at the beach by the nuclear plant.

3. Your parents once signed a form allowing your school to give you iodine pills in the event of a nuclear explosion.

4. You get personally offended when people say Ajax and Pickering are the same place.

5. You and everybody's grandma knows of Mr. Dress Up.

6. You almost never leave the flea market without buying something.

7. You secretly still love Melanie Pringles (even though you've probably been there a million times).

8. You've referred to Gandasetiagon Public School as "Gandi".

9. You've also used to call Pine Ridge by the nickname "Crime Ridge".

10. You rely heavily on a car or the GO Train.

11. You also have zero faith in the DRT.

12. You're thankful everyday for the pedestrian bridge from Pickering GO station to the mall.

13. You take pride in the fact that both Shawn Mendes and Sean Avery are from Pickering.

14. You remember when Pickering Town Centre used to be called Sheraton Mall.

15. You consider people from Oshawa your biggest rivals, even if you don't think you do.

16. You've had at least one field trip to Pickering Museum Village back in elementary school.

17. You've killed lots of time at the gravel pits or the boardwalk in your childhood.

18. You have great memories of summer nights at the Bay Ridges Drive-In.

19. You've mall-ratted at Pickering Town Centre way too many times in your past.

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