Toronto is one of the most ideal places to study film, other than LA.  For those of you studying film production, history, or theory while in post secondary, I know your struggles.

Don't get me wrong, I love my degree!  Studying film has taught me a lot, and I'm super excited to get into the industry.  Although, it seems like every time film school comes up in conversation, everyone has an opinion.

This is for all the Toronto film students out there.  Good luck, enjoy your time off, and remember to kick ass in September!  You got this.

1. Everyone telling you to move to LA

Wow. What a groundbreaking piece of advice! Do you really think that this has never crossed my mind?  Do you know what the exchange rate is right now?  Do you know how broke I am?

2. "It seems like it would be hard to get a job in that industry!"

For those of you who have ever said this to a film student, we know.

3. All the costs not included in your tuition

Okay so you paid your tuition, now its time to pay for your student film budgets, location costs, craft services, permits, light meters, and gel kits.

4. Forcing your friends to make cameos in all your films

"Please, I swear it will only take like half an hour""

4 hours later...

"Okay just a couple more shots!"

5. Using gaffing tape for EVERYTHING

Gaffing tape has a lot of uses, I'm just using it to its full potential!


ACTRA, why do you have all the best actors but all the worst paper work????

Gif cred -@Giphy 

7. TIFF and Hot Docs are more exciting than Christmas

The only hard part is finding people to go with you.

8. Constantly using your apartment/your parents house as filming locations

Not having to fill out nearly as much paper work and no time restrictions are serious game changers.

9. You're more worried about paying Adobe Creative Cloud on time than paying your phone bill.

I mean Premier is essential, texting back my co-worker can wait.

10. You express yourself through file names

11. The "spinning wheel of death" is your greatest fear.

The last thing you want to see on your desktop is the tiny Mac beach ball pop up, that is a very scary symbol.


If you have had to watch Citizen Kane for film history, you know what I am referring to.

13. All your extended family assumes you want to Direct

Directing is cool, but there are a lot of other career options within the film industry. Directing is just one of many!

14. Autosave has actually saved your life and your academic career more than once

I don't know how many times Avid Media Composer has crashed abruptly, and autosave has completely revived my lost files. Thank you autosave, bless up.

Gif cred -@Giphy 

15. You cringe at the thought of dropping a hard drive

The horror.

16. When people ask you if you know how to use IMovie.

Yes, I am also proficient in Windows Movie Maker, and breathing while walking!

17. You justify binge watching anything as homework

If you're in film school and you watch a film, it's the same as doing homework,  right?  Even if watching Harry Potter for the 11th time is nowhere on the curriculum.

18. You are constantly finding random USB keys everywhere

Most people check their pants for money before throwing them in the washer, we check for USB keys and SD cards.

19. Constantly being told "You don't really need to go to school for that"

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I have already spent 20,000 dollars on my education.  No need to tell me it was for nothing.

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