No matter what program you're in, Ryerson students can all pretty much relate to one another.

Although your course loads may be different, you can always find something to talk about that's school related. There's always a topic you have in common to discuss or complain about because we all know what's up and what's down with Ryerson. Most likely, the things we say are all done or thought about on the daily, even if you don't realize you're saying it.

Im sure we can all pretty much relate to some of the quotes below and if you haven't said one of these, just wait, you will.

1."We're a really good, practical hands-on learning school."

Basically one of the top things to say anytime someone asks you why you picked RU.

2. "I lost my OneCard and part of me feels missing."

Your OneCard is the key to everything. Printing, renting out equipment, buying food (with left over printer money) and so much more. When you forget your OneCard at home, you already know it's not going to be a good day.

3."Your class is in Kerr Hall? Good luck."

Oh, the infinite maze of Kerr Hall. Give yourself enough time to get there or else you'll somehow end up at the Timmie's in KHE and give up on your class until next week.

4."Why would I go all the way to Tim's on Vic Street when there's one right here?"

Speaking of Tim Hortons, you know there's no way you're walking outside to the one on Victoria. If anything, that one's the last one you go to. Even though the school shops have less options than the actual store, you'd rather take less steps than walk outside #lazylife.

5."I still have to do my course intentions."

Because you know you're so excited to wake up at 4 am for this.

6."RAMMS just crashed on me."

The trusty RAMMS site. Your best friend for paying your student fines and tuition, but your enemy when doing course intentions and selections. Why you gotta break down me like that?

7."How does she have the effort to do a smokey eye at 8 am?"

We applaud you for waking up early and looking on fleek. That takes time and dedication in which I'm too lazy to do.


It's not something we say all the time, but this guy is definitely an honourary Ram.

9."I didn't get any sleep last night, but I have class in the movie theatre today."

These classrooms feels so luxurious when your running on negative hours of sleep. And when your prof turns the lights off to watch something? Time to KO.

10."I almost got hit by a car near Victoria Parking garage but what else is new?"

We stop for nobody.

11."I've been waiting at the SLC elevators for 10 minutes."

There's no way you haven't gotten annoyed waiting for these slow-paced elevators. You'd go up the stairs but feeling out of breathe is not something you want out of your day.

12."Pressing the button for the elevator multiple times doesn't make it go faster."

Can we just pretend it does?

13."Wait so, floor 3 is actually floor 9 at TRSM in the elevator?"

Why did they make this so confusing? This is the one time you'd rather take the stairs/escalator instead.

14."Anyone down for pool at the Ram?"

Who doesn't love going to the Ram? Grab some good food, play a couple of rounds of pool or foosball? It's a golden night.

15."Pong at the RAC?"

Another common phrase you hear on the daily. It's fun for a while until your friends start going crazy and begin to whip the ball. Then it's time to leave.

16."This is my 8th Roll Up The Rim and I haven't won anything."

This is definitely a bummer for us when it comes time for this season. We have 6 Tim Horton's locations, so how come the odds of us winning are so slim?!

17."I kind of want to go to the the Eaton Centre for food, but Metro is right here."

If you're a frequent vistor of the RCC or George Vari Eng, you know Metro has you covered if you're in need of a quick bite to eat. Although you may want to change it up and get food somewhere else, you know you don't want to walk all the way there if there's a chance you have to walk back to your designated building. Metro FTW!

18."You're from Markham?"

The Markham community at Ryerson is insane. You're never not going to meet someone from Ryerson who lives in Markham. You'll probably even meet a dozen of them at the same time because the majority of them commute home together.

19. "Remember when Drake came here and performed for us?"

We'll probably never shut up about this. Ever.

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