As you know, Toronto is one of the best cities you could find yourself in. That being said, it's no doubt that we all love our city as much as we love our coffee in the morning. However, with everything we love comes a few things we just totally cannot deal with. Don't get me wrong, we're a pretty down-to-earth crowd here in the 6ix, but there are always a few divas that just lose their shit whenever they're forced to use a public restroom.

We all know and understand that there are always those who are less fortunate than ourselves, but sometimes it's the petty struggles in life that we sometimes just have to bitch about.

Here are just 20 of the first world problems that only a Torontonian would understand:

1. When you have to walk up the stairs from the DWA of the subway because everyone rushes towards the escalators.

Seriously? I know I said that I wanted to start on my diet but I did not sign up for climbing three flights of stairs... plus  the stairs are so much farther from where my door is.

2. When you're in the mood for some ice cream but there are just too many options to choose from.

Am I in the mood for a cup, or a cone? Do I want something simple or some next level Frankenstein shit? Do I really want to pay $7 for ice cream? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!!!

3. When all you want on a Friday night is to hang out at one of the million and one bars in Toronto with your friends... but there's a long ass line outside each one.

And most of the time, everyone there is just watching the next Raptor's game like it's their living room.

4. When you own your own car but force yourself to take the TTC to get through Toronto.

It's the battle of evils between the TTC delays and creepy Uber drivers, but nothing is worse than a two hour traffic jam on the 401 and that $4/hour parking metre bill.

5. When the train on the Line 2 of the TTC Subway has no A/C during the summer months so you either force yourself to bear the heat or wait another 5 minutes for another train in hopes for some breathable air.

I'm melting... I'm melting....

6. When you're walking along Yonge/Dundas and the 'Believe Guy' keeps yelling at me to BELIEEEVE.

Do you not see that my sunglasses are on and my headphones are in? Yeezus...

7. When the LCBO closes way too early for you to pre drink before going to a club on King St.

Wtf is 9PM?! Fam, I don't make an outdoor appearance until 10PM though...

8. When none of the restaurants that you religiously go to have a delivery option.

The definition of 'sad' is not being able to order from the 416 Snack Bar at 2 in the morning and have it delivered straight to your door. Talk about a killer craving...

9. When the lady rejects your debit card at Chipotle.

Who even carries cash anymore? And tbh, my credit card cannot handle anymore on its tab. Sigh, I guess it's Taco Bell for me now (do not cry, do not cry).

10. When you're on your way to a Tinder date but the wind & snow completely fvcks up your hair and makeup.

Thanks a lot Canada, once he sees me he's totally swiping left...

11. And when that doesn't work out, you're forced to relive the embarrassment over and over again every time you bump into each other at the Eaton Centre.

They say all roads are bound to intersect and cross paths... but does it always have to be at the Eaton Centre?! Oh God, I think he saw me-- RUN!

12. When you're running late and try to send an ETA to your friends but you're at a station that doesn't provide WiFi.

The reason why I'm late to begin with is because of this TTC delay, but now my friends are going to totally hate me once I get there... dammit Eglinton.

13. The never ending construction going on in the TTC.

So now service from Eglinton to Finch stops at 1AM unless I take the shuttle bus which takes forever... did I not just say that I don't leave the house until 10?!

14. Timmies VS. Starbs... oh fvck.

Do I want a double double or a caramel mocchiato? Do I want timbits or a lemon loaf? Should I rep the Great White North today or give in to the temptations of the delicious green mermaid? Once again, THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST.

15. When you end up spending a shitload on the newest Toronto hype-wear, and cry even more when you remember GST.

Toronto Vs. Everyone? More like Toronto vs. my bank account.

16. And when you do have spare change, it's lost in your bag along with 365 TTC transfers.

I've got more transfers in my bag than the dollars in my bank account.

17. When it's boiling hot on the streets of Toronto but freezing cold in the offices of the Financial District.

The only time I'm not late because of a TTC delay, is when I try to coordinate my ootd with the weather.

18. When nobody wants to answer your calls because your phone number doesn't start with '905', '416' or '647'.

I am not a telemarketer, nor am I calling from Nunavut-- I just want to know if we're still hanging out tonight. Don't ignore my call because I'm stuck with this 437 number.

19. When you've watched everything on Canadian Netflix but you can't stream the US one because of the new proxy blocker.

No Netflix, I can NOT chill right now.

20. When you take artsy pictures of the 6ix and your foreign friends and family ask if it was taken in New York.

No bitch, this photo was taken on the streets of Toronto-- the only streets I will consider home despite what anybody says.

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