Drake is obviously God's gift to mankind - or at least to Toronto. There's nothing, and no one who grabs our attention as much as he does. Except maybe one person. His mom! Sandi Graham was there when he "started from the bottom" and has helped him reach his way to the top. It's cute to see how the rapper and his mother kept their tight knit relationship going strong through the years.

One reason we almost love Sandi more than Drake is because she gave birth to the 6 God himself. Without her, our lives would be Drake-less. And without Drake, life would probably have no meaning.

Drizzy is a mama's boy, and if these photos of Drake and Sandi don't make you feel some type of way, we don't know what will.

1. Hugs!

What's cuter than young Drizzy? Young Drizzy being hugged by his Mom. Next to a flower garden.

2. Tiny Hero

Who's face is cuter??? We'll never figure it out.

Photo Cred - @champagnepapi

3. Out and About

This one was captioned: "Wit my woe" <3

4. Two Peas In A Pod

Smiles all around.

Photo Cred - 24Urban

5. City Cruising

She's wavin' to the fans.

6. All Suited Up

Night out on the town with Mama.

7. Glitz and Glam

Okay, so Drake isn't physically here, but he is in spirit. Drizzy gave his Grammy to his mommy, as you can see on that table - just when you thought he couldn't be a better human being.

8. The Interview

Because really, it's more exciting to talk to Sandi on the red carpet - sorry Drake.

9. Love Me Like You Do

Forehead kisses <3

Photo Cred - Rolling Out

10. Dinner Dates

But don't you wish you were invited to this restaurant?!

11. Spotlight

Ben Mulroney is kind of washed out in the back due to Drake and Sandi's combined radiating light

12. The Duet

Okay, but look how happy he is that his mom is on stage.

13. Board Games

Sorry Drake, YOLO isn't a word.

14. Red Carpet Ready

There's no better date than your mom, right?

Photo Cred - BuzzBlimp 

15. Family Affair

Featuring Papa.

16. Season's Greetings

"I might declare it a holiday as soon as Baka get back on the road."

17. Rooftop Hugs

Is that the 6ix in the background?

18. Photo-shoot Fresh

Matching outfits? This is the photo of the century.

19. Old Times

What's more shocking, that this is the millionth photo you've seen of Drake's arm around his mom's shoulders or that he wore glasses?

Photo Cred - In Flex We Trust

20. Bonding

Don't doubt that Drake doesn't treat his mom once in a while. Or all the time

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