Italian immigrants have played a vital role in shaping Toronto's multicultural identity. Dating back to the 1910's and 1920's, Italians moved to Canada after the second World War to seek a better life. The majority immigrated to the province of Ontario and they were fundamental to the development of Toronto as a city. Today, Italians have blessed our city with numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and bakeries.

Rich in culture, food and known for their country's' beautiful landscapes, it is no wonder the passion of being Italian is embraced no matter where they reside.

1. You know that Corso Italia is the spot.

Craving a nocciola gelato? An espresso? The Italian culture is real on the St.Clair West strip. It's the perfect place to sit on a patio or pass by Nonno's conversating in front of Holy Rosary Church.

2. You know that if Italy wins a soccer game (not even the tournament) during the World or Euro Cup, all hell will break loose.

The second the game clock counts down to zero, everyone is already in the car to head down to Corso Italia on St.Clair or Little Italy on College: absolutely no questions asked. Car horns will be honked. Whistles will be blown. Bruh, streets will be shut down! #VivaItalia #ForzaAzzuri

3. And if they do win the cup, you will celebrate until the next tournament.

Italian flags, everywhere. Don't expect to have a conversation with an Italian Torontonian without them mentioning how they knew they were going to win.

4. You have an imaginary beef with the Portuguese.

Man, if you're from Toronto this feud is real - and it definitely stems from the football culture. However, I've been to Italy and it's nonexistent. With that being said, can't we just share St.Clair? Jheeze!

5. You've been to the 'Italiano Vero' Nightclub Events at Same or Buona Notte.

It's not your typical night out at Same or Buona Notte. How many times can you say you've seen a live accordion player outside a club? Or had cannoli's and tiramisu delivered to your booth at midnight?

6. You order the Penne All'arrabbiata when you go to Vivoli.

What's better than enjoying a plate of pasta in the heart of Little Italy? Nothing.

7. If you're hosting a family gathering, you and your family go to Grande Cheese for party essentials.

I'm not talking about party balloons or streamers. I'm talking about some fresh soppressata and caciocavallo!

8. Your Nonno worked in construction.

Ask your local Nonno what they did for work when they moved to Toronto. 99.9% of the time, they worked in some form of construction.

9. You think that the Marketlane in Woodbridge is basically Rome.

At least we like to pretend it is.

10. If you're craving an Italian-inspired dessert, you know that The Sicilian on College St. is THE spot!

Gelato on a waffle anyone?

11. Your grandparents have a huge vegetable garden.

"Why you buy tomatoes? I ave lots of tomatoes!"

12. From 9:30 a.m to 12:15 p.m, you attended school on Saturdays to "learn" Italian.

Whether you attended All Saints or Our Lady of Peace, I know your ass didn't want to wake up early on Saturday to listen to some old Italian lady.

13. Your Nonna watches ChinTV every weekend.

Johnny Lombardi was a God.

14. You and your family are constantly on the search for the most authentic Italian pizza.

So, you've either settled for The Ice Cream Patio in Woodbridge or Pizzeria Via Mercanti in downtown Toronto.

15. Of course no gelato compares to the gelato in Italy, but you know that La Paloma or Dolce Gelato will do.

Uno limoncello per favore! (Did I say that right?)

16. You most likely attended a Catholic school.

You were basically Italian if you went to Joan of Arc, Don Bosco or St.Clare.

 17. You find yourself reminding people that Italy won the World Cup back in 2006.

We'll win again, unless Buffon retires. But, let's be real, the Italian community is convinced he's immortal.

18. Your Nonno has dragged you to Commisso or Rustic Bakery to buy fresh bread.

Well, you're going to need SOMETHING to dunk into your olive oil and sugo!

19. You or someone you know has a gym membership at the Columbus Centre

Who needs a protein shake when you can enjoy an espresso at Caffe Cinquecento.

20. You hit up Zito's Supermarket or Lady York for your Italian-grocery needs.

I'll take a jar of homemade tomato sauce, please! None of that mangiacake crap.

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