Only true citizens of Oakville know about the several stereotypes surrounding the town and it's inhabitants. There are wealthy houses lining the lake at Downtown Oakville, and old people stare at you through the windows at that one Second Cup in Bronte. Everything is really close to your home, and you feel yourself becoming happier at the thought of leaving Oakville someday - if you can escape.

Some signs that you're from Oakville are bolder than others. Most are a pretty ingrained part of who you are as a citizen of a town you either love, or hate - because everyone knows there's no in-between.

1. You went to the cottage this weekend

2. You have a love-hate relationship with Oakville Place

3. You're the youngest person in your neighbourhood

4. You, or your parents own at least one BMW

5. You think Mississauga is Harlem

6. You have this indescribable sad feeling when you drive back from Toronto

7. Everyone you went to high school with still lives in your town

8. You secretly cursed Appleby College students under your breath every time you drove by their school

9. Stoney's is your second home

10. Midnight Madness is the highlight of your summer

11. You know that Kerr Street is the closest thing to "ghetto" 

12. People in your life get way too excited about the Oakville Beaver

13. You've said something is "chate" to your non-Oakville friends, and have received confused looks

14. You went/go to Queen's University

15. You have a gardener and a housekeeper at your beck and call

16. You're jealous of people who went/go to STA

17. Your house is bigger than your school

18. The closest thing to a fun weekend is one spent in Burlington

19. Everyone you know works at Tim Horton's

20. Your location on Twitter is "Jokeville"

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