Every university rubs off on their students and has their tell-tale signs that you DEFINITELY went there. Here are a few signs that you're forever a Ryerson Ram:

1. You have had an angry conversation about the botched Gould Street paint job.

And an even angrier one when you found out how much it cost.

Photo via Toronto Star

2.  Receiving sketchy security warning emails every three hours no longer phases you.

Do you ever get so stressed you just bite someone's poncho?  Same.

3. No matter what year you're in you still can't navigate through Kerr Hall.

There is no such thing as being on time to a first-week class in Kerr Hall.

Photo via ReactionGIF

4. You have a silent panic attack every time you see a"Because I am a Girl" street campaigner.

Pretend you're texting, pretend you're texting pretend you're texting.

Photo via Rebloggy

5. You don't flinch when this man yells "Believe!"

And you laugh at the newbies who get scared.

Photo via Dan Cronin

6. Your biggest pet peeve is people walking slow.

Because you have places to go and things to do.

Photo via Giphy

7. The Eaton Centre being so close by is the worst thing to ever happen to your wallet.

When are opt-out cheques coming out again?  Oh they don't do cheques anymore? #Cool

Photo via Giphy

8.  You still can't find study space, even with the new SLC.

The only thing that has changed since the SLC is needing retina display to see your laptop screen and watching students dry hump on beanbags at the "beach."

Photo via Jake Scott

9. You have fallen asleep in an AMC lecture.

Dim lighting + comfy theatre seats + boring lecture = recipe for disaster.

Photo via Giphy

 10.  You know that this isn't just any normal Harvey's.

It's hooker Harvey's.

Photo via Yelp

11. You know that this is a rare sight to behold.

Ryerson is either trying to keep their electric bill low or their students' BMIs low...we may never know.

Photo via GifMambo

12. You never go to house parties because Ryerson is a commuter school without fraternities.

Instead, you go to the club.

Photo via Giphy

13. Having to rely on Tinder to meet someone because you don't go to house parties.

14. You never understood how Ryerson managed to pick the worst days for registration.

"Class registration will take place on Christmas morning and December 31 at 11:59 p.m."

Photo via Tumblr 

15. You searched forever for the RAC before you realized it was under the ground.

"It's supposed to be right here but this the quad?"

Photo via Ryerson

16. You have gone to school when every other university had a snow day.

Ryerson turns down for nothing.

Photo via Ryerson Eats

17. You have waited in line at the Tim Hortons in Kerr Hall for over 20 minutes.

Because you NEEDED it.

Photo via Giphy

 18. You have seen the legendary one-legged pigeon.

He has survived WWII and Gould Street at 3 p.m.

Photo via Twitter

 19. You used to brag to everyone that Deadmau5 lived right beside your campus.

And you always wanted to spot him in the Purrari.

Photo via QNR

20.  Your overall opinion of Ryerson depends on whether or not you got a ticket to the 2015 parade and concert.

You know...the one where DRAKE RANDOMLY SHOWED UP ?!?!?
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