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Canadians love to talk about the weather. As Torontonians, we have just as much of it as anyone else in this country, and we know that the best way to deal with winter is to complain about it constantly until it finally goes away. So, as we await our icy fate, it's good to warm up some of those phrases we've left alone all summer. Here's a refresher course on what you'll be hearing a lot this winter.

1. "You had me at hockey"

Dude asking a girl on a date to a Leafs game.

2. "This is the longest winter we've had in years."

It's totally not though. You just forgot that winter lasts eight months in Canada.

3. "I'm thinking of moving to California."

You're not going to do this.

4. "I'm totally going to go out more this winter."

Hahaha. Good luck with that.

5. "My boots are destroyed!"

Sidewalk salt is the worst.

6. "There's 6 minutes left until the next streetcar gets here. Wanna go to Starbucks?"

Seriously, my fingers are falling off.

7. [Before getting onto the subway], "Hang on, I gotta take off my coat."

The temperature difference between in the subway and outside of it can be a pain.

8. "Are you listening to music right now?"

Nope, just using my headphones to warm up my ears.

9. "Wanna go into this store and look around for a bit?"

Gotta warm up somehow.

10. "I wish I had more on."

No one will ever say the opposite.

11. "He broke his leg walking out of his place last week."

Being outside is hazardous.

12. "Have you noticed how icy it is this year?"

This is how icy it is every year.

13. "Why do people live here?"

For real though, why do people live here?

14. "Could you take my metropass out for me?"

I legit can't feel my hands.

15. "Wanna just get lunch at the Urban Eatery?"

Nothing's better than being where you need to go as soon as you get out of the subway.

16. "We're probably gonna go to the Cineplex tonight."

I'll sit through any movie for warmth.

17. "What's the weather like today?" *Looks at phone*

No way I'm testing this out by going outside.

18. "Yeah, but what's the windchill?"

Windchill controls our lives.

19. "I'm trying to avoid downtown."

It gets pretty windy over there.

20. "I'm completely caught up on Breaking Bad."

What else are you gonna do with all this indoor time?

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