Commuting in Toronto is, more often than not, a dreadful experience. Summers are hot, winters are wet and people can be quite annoying.

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Hopefully you're one of the good ones. Here are 21 annoying things people do on the TTC that need to stop:

When people put their feet on an empty seats.

Seats are for bums, not feet.

When people play music so loud that it leaks out of their earphones.

If your music can be heard over the screeching of the train tracks, it's too loud.

When people try to force their way into an already jam-packed subway car.

It doesn't help anyone.

When people don't let others get off the train first before entering.

Wait your damn turn!

When people are being overly rowdy with their friends.

Compose yourselves.

When people have loud conversations on the phone.

No one wants to hear about how your colonoscopy went.

When people do pull-ups on the overhead bar.

This actually happens sometimes, believe it or not.

When people read over other people's shoulders.

Mind your own business. It's really not that hard to do.

When people take up seats with their bags.

You're annoying.

When people engage in excessive PDA with their significant others.

No one signed up for this free show.

When people sit right beside you but there are plenty of other seats available.

Ever heard of this thing called 'personal space'?

When people whip out smelly foods and have a feast like no one else is around.

The subway is not your dinner table.

When people keep their gargantuan backpacks on during rush hour.

It's even worse when they can't stop fidgeting

When people stare at others without an inkling of shame.

Didn't your parents tell you staring is rude?

When people sneeze without properly covering themselves.

Ya nasty.

When people sit all sprawled out on a seat.

You're in my leg room space.

When people purposely leave their newspapers and trash on the seats.


When people refuse to blow their noses when they have the sniffles.

One of the most annoying forms of noise pollution.

When people try to start a conversation with you and you clearly have your earphones in.

Nope, not acknowledging your presence.

When people walk slowly during rush hour.


When people don't follow proper escalator etiquette.

...The door.

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