Food--- it's kind of one of the many things that all of us humans enjoy and can bond over. Foodies everywhere go fvcking nuts when it comes to delicious and trendy food. I'm not even kidding, people will do whatever it takes to find the best places to go hit up when on an empty stomach. That being said, for those of you who live in the GTA area of Brampton, sometimes the trek to find many of the beloved foodie faves in Toronto can be troublesome and out of the way. And no foodie should be deprived of being satisfied despite what geographic region you reside in.

So for all you Brampton residents who are looking for good places to satisfy your hunger, no need to thank me because I've got you covered. Here's a list of restaurants in Brampton to hit up whether you're craving something sweet, savoury, hot or cold. Once again, you are welcome.

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J. Red & Co// 341 Main St. N

This newly opened restaurant is the place to try some of your fave classics ranging from your homey chicken and waffles to a fancy schmancy time sipping oysters under the sun during the summer months.

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T by Daniel// 46 Main St. N

If you want something refreshing from your basic drinks at Starbucks, try this local Brampton tea treasure with ranging tea flavours and products far beyond your basic peppermint mocha. It's perfect to bring your bff to during the cold winter months approaching and perfect to post on your Insta feed.

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Fanzorelli's Restaurant & Wine Bar// 50 Queen St. W

Enjoy some authentic Italian food at this restaurant and compliment each rich bite with a swig of your favourite wine. If you like tomatoes, cheese and wine, you're definitely going to love this place.

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Carve on Lot 5// 15 Main St. N

This restaurant has also opened up shop pretty recently and it's making its mark in downtown Brampton. Enjoy some good food at this new Brampton restaurant and prepare to be 100% satisfied with the range of different dishes to sink your teeth in.

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Toshi Japanese Restaurant// 10 Gillingham Dr #107

Transport yourself from the small town of Brampton and into the world of Japanese cuisinery. Of the many Japanese  restaurants in this area, Toshi takes the cake with its Japanese/American fusion and flavours.


Heritage Fish & Chips// 295 Queen St. E

Located on Queen St, it's no wonder that this fish & chips location has made its way to this GTA city. Taste what the Queen herself is used to everyday in her home she calls London, England. It's a little taste of this classic UK favourite that people can't get enough of!

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Antica Osteria Italian Eatery Limited// 3088 Mayfield Road

Another authentic Italian spot has opened up Brampton and it's there for yet another escape from your small town and into this amazing world of Italisn cuisine.

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The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro// 8 Queen St. E

If you're ever craving some good ground meat, think twice before you make your way to buy the typical big Mac everyone else gets. Instead, step up your burger game and go crazy with a burger from this decked out burger joint that is proud to serve the perfect burger.

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Sul Irmaos Smokehouse// 73 George St. S

Enjoy something different at this Portugeise fusion restaurant. If you're ever in a shitty mood and need a hug, head on over for some comfort at this foodie destination and prepare to be amazed!

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Vishnu's Roti// 10215 Kennedy Rd N

Enjoy some hearty Trinidadian food at this restaurant serving spicy as hell curry and comforting roti that is determined to melt in your mouth and melt your heart.

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Sonny's Drive In// 21 Kennedy Rd N

This Brampton legend has been around for a while and it better stick around for even longer. Enjoy your classic Western cuisine taken to a whole new level--- same homey feels, whole different flavour.

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Sweet Breeze Cafe// 20 Polonia Ave.

Whether it be with your sister, your BFF or your mom, head on over to this cafe if you're every craving something sweet and comforting. Whether it be cake and a  latte or a muffin and espresso, you'll be happy no matter what the order was today.

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RD's Southern BBQ// 47 Kennedy Rd.

Get messy and sink into teeth into some authentic Cajun meat. Served with some comforting side dishes from the same Cajun descent, enjoy something different the next time your feel like chewing on a piece of meat.

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Kenzo's Ramen// 720 Burnhamthorpe Rd W

Slurp up some warm and flavourful noodles and broth during the upcoming winter months and wrap yourself in a blanket of satisfaction and comfort. A crowd favourite since forever, this establishment is sure to keep you full, warm and almost protected from the horror of this upcoming cold weather.

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La Catrina// 35 Queen St. W

Enjoy some good Mexican inspired foods and dishes from this latin restaurant. Originated from this Mexican restaurant, you'll be able to enjoy all that this restaurant has to give you and more.

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Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery// 138 Main St.

There aren't many restaurants and cafes in the Brampton area, but another one that you have to try out is the Coffee Culture Cafe Eatery  that is definitely going to satisfy whatever it is you want to sip and nibble on at the moment. Cuddle up with a nice book and read/work under the roof of this cozy cafe.

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Briskit Gourmet Slow Cooked Sandwiches// 160 Wilkinson Road

Whatever the sandwich, go crazy and eat your heart out! Jack up your personalized sandwich with select sauces and meats to go crazy for all day long. If this photo doesn't make you salivate, Id on't know what will.

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Poutine Dare To Be Fresh// 20 Main St. S

Crush your super Canadian cravings for poutine at the place that prepares it best. Step into Poutine Dare To Be Fresh and satisfy your cravings no matter what size with many different ways and variations of the classic Canadian specialty including your favourite golden fries, smoking hot gravy and ooey gooey cheese curds.

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Portland Jerk// 9025 Torbram Rd

If you enjoy some spice and some heat, crush your cravings at this carribbean inspired food destination that makes some pretty bomb ass jerk chicken. Go crazy with this specific crowd favourite dish and indulge in this popular savoury dish.

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Jake's Boathouse// 59 First Gulf Blvd

For an ambience different from your usual, try having lunch at this ocean themed restaurant in Brampton and have a good time with your buds as you snack on some delicious food.

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La Capannina// 21 George St. N

It's not like what Nonna makes! For some upscale Italian cuisine, bring a date to this Italian restaurant and enjoy a fancy night out on the town.

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