Toronto has many things to offer and places to choose from when it comes to going on a date. There are over 10,000 restaurants in the city and an overload of attractions to choose from.

Whether you're going on a first date or spending time with your significant other, there are staple places in Toronto that everyone resorts to. Take a look at this list of 21 places every Torontonian has gone on a date to at least once:

1. Ripley's Aquarium // 288 Bremner Blvd

You spent more time taking Instagram photos and snaps than looking at fishes. 

2. Mini Indie // 37 Stoffel Dr.

You went go karting and were left behind by your date on the track because you crashed into the wheels at least 10 times.

3. Playdium // 99 Rathburn Rd W.

Got your ass kicked in shooting games. 

4. Dave & Busters // 120 Interchange Way

You either had a full cup of winning tickets or none at all. 

5. Christmas Market // Distillery District

Cause it's not a real Christmas if you don't kiss under the mistletoe. 

6. CNE // Exhibition Place

Let's be honest, this is the # 1 date spot during the summer. 

7. El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane

You probably had a pitcher of mojito and several tequila shots. Oh and of course the baja or gobernador tacos.

8. A walk on Lakeshore

Because sitting on the cold rocks, being bitten by mosquitos and overlooking the Toronto skyline is the perfect idea for a date.

9.  Fireworks at Ashbridges Bay

Of course on Victoria Day on Canada Day, there's nothing better to do.

10. Canada's Wonderland // 9580 Jane St

And were forced to go on rides you were terrified of. 

11. Yuk Yuk's  // multiple locations

You embarrassed yourself with your obnoxious laugh. 

12. Toronto Zoo // 2000 Meadowvale Rd.

Because you're at the cute phase of your relationship, looking at cute animals.

13. Toronto Island

You thought your date felt special by taking them on a ferry. 

14. Polson Drive - In // 176 Cherry St.

Best way to watch a movie and have some fun ?. 

15. Snakes and Lattes // 600 Bloor St W.

Boards games are cool, enough said. 

16. Skating @ Nathan Phillips Square

Holding hands, being all cute and sh*t. You know you wiped out at least once.

17. Went to a Blue Jays Game 

Because the 500 section tickets are super cheap. 

18. Spent a day @ Woodbine beach. 

And then thought to yourself... Why? 

19. XO Karaoke // 693 Bloor St.W

Embarrassed yourself once again and proved you can't sing for sh*t. 

20. Sky Zone // multiple locations

One of you most likely got knocked out playing dodgeball. 

21. Joeys/Jack Astors/Moxies etc

Because there's always a location near by. You know it's true...

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